Our diverse collections within the James Dunlop Textiles catalogue each have their own unique character and style.

Mokum’s Ikigai collection is an evolution from the La Primavera collection, adopting many of the same key themes of feminine design, visual optimism and bringing the outdoors in, but shifting to a more Asian aesthetic.

Given our close geographical proximity to Asia, we share an inherent love of simplicity, quality and craftsmanship. This was a key source of inspiration for the collection which includes a preference for natural fibres and complex weaving techniques.

The word Ikigai translates very closely to ‘life value’ with ‘iki’, meaning life and ‘gai, meaning value. In Japanese culture, if one has found their Ikigai, they have found their purpose and are living a life full of joy and content.

The patterns seek inspiration from Japan’s long history of watercolour painting, particularly of landscapes and florals, creating modern interpretations of this classical art form. Lotus flowers, peonies and wisteria are combined within our landscape panel, Mizu Garden, which features red crowned cranes basking in an oasis. The floral motifs are also rendered separately within printed linen and velvet designs, alongside a tailored small scale boucle upholstery, inspired by Japanese geometry.

The collection is grounded in textured plain upholstery and drapery constructions, on which to combine with the patterns or integrate into existing interior spaces.

The colour palette throughout the Ikigai collection elicits a sense of nostalgia as we see neutrals warming up, as people seek comforting colours within the home. Including beautiful tones of parchment, calico and cream as well as a resurgence of brown, which has returned from banishment.

The Ikigai collection also focuses heavily on green, which is very much in line with what we’re seeing in colour trend forecasting. Green elicits a calming energy within interior spaces - creating a sense of bringing the outdoors in, and encouraging us to slow down and become more mindful.

Artisanal craftsmanship is celebrated and revered within Ikigai, as conscious consumers steer away from mass produced items in search of bespoke, specialty pieces which create joy within the interior space. Ikigai seeks to deliver a collection, which is contemporary at its core, however offers longevity via its quality and classical inspiration.


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Resurgence presents two unconventional vinyl qualities: Register and Refined. Both mirror the look and texture of natural woven linens in the form of a boundlessly durable, engineered vinyl.

Register and Refined are compiled together with a range of FR-One’s carefully curated sheers, drapery, and upholstery fabrics - all in a soft, enduring, and neutral colour palette.


A trio of wide width textured dim outs in GRS certified recycled polyester, the REStore collection is perfectly suited to today’s diverse interior projects.


Tailored comfort, effortless precision and sophisticated charm are the underpinnings of the new Dunleith collection by Grove Studio. Dunleith weaves modern cultural influences with an underlying appreciation of classic forms, conveying refinement, harmony and quality with understated elegance and beautiful honesty. The inspiration for Dunleith has been drawn from the natural environment. Classic and architectural elements found in everyday living take on a contemporary feel with colourways inspired by significant places and people along life’s journey.


Visual optimism is a positive lifestyle movement gaining momentum in both high end fashion and interior design.  Infusing inspiration from nature into the interior space is said to improve one’s physical and mental wellbeing, Mokum’s latest release is a celebration of nature and colour with its saturated palette and hand painted flora and fauna.

The Peonia and Papillon textiles and wallpapers set the tone of this collection, embracing feminine form and a romantic colour palette, inspired by fashions present floral fixation. Topiary is a modern take on traditional quilting, using matelassé technology to create a contemporary upholstery which coordinates with our extensively coloured, new Italian plain, Allium. The collection is made complete with four new wide width drapery designs, a stunning subtle ombre print and three beautiful yet functional plain weaves.


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“Classic”: judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

Mokum Classics is an enduring product category in which successful plain upholsteries and draperies are continually reinvested in every 3-4 years with refreshed and reinvigorated colour palettes. This product category ensures Mokums quintessential plains remain current with fashion driven shades and core neutrals needing to evolve overtime.

The Mokum studio has re-coloured two Mokum classics; Couture and Hollywood, which both sit contently alongside Mokum’s latest La Primavera collection. For the first time two new plains have been added to the perennial Mokum Classics range, two classic Italian wool upholsteries, Como and Prato, which offer commercial performance, exquisite handle and extensive colour lines, both of which are sure to become market favourites.

Our two new commercial wool upholsteries, Como and Prato have been carefully constructed through blending natural and synthetic fibres and expertly finished. With a comprehensive offering of perfect neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades, they have been coloured to suit both residential and commercial palettes. Prato has the luxurious look and handle of premium felted wool, Como is a distinctive flat basket weave and like Prato, deliver a residential aesthetic with commercial performance. Mokum’s beloved Couture has been reinvigorated with a stunning new colour palette. Introducing 11 new colours, including eternal shades of Blanc and Noir as well as fresh grey based neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades. This glamourous wide width drapery has a touch of stainless steel giving it a dimensional hammered finish, making it perfect for contemporary installations. Glamourous yet understated, Hollywood has been refined and refreshed with 6 new nuanced neutrals. The luxurious chenille upholstery is woven using the finest Italian yarn to create a subtle texture, soft handle and elegant tailored finish that suits both contemporary and classic interiors.


Complexity is a stunning range of highly technical, contrasting black and white fabrics. With 23 designs across drapery and upholstery, indoor and outdoor - the comprehensive mix of designs and qualities enable a versatility that will make Complexity a very popular choice.

The individual designs within Complexity utilise black to form focal points with white creating negative space for other design elements to take centre stage.

From indoor to out, Complexity’s universal appeal will provide a range of simple yet extremely effective fabric solutions.

“Black is absent of light, but contains all colours; White is absent of colour but reflects all light. This seemingly simple combination produces a contrast that is anything but simple.” - James Dunlop Studio


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The collection tributes the traditional Japanese concept of wabi sabi, a philosophy whereby beauty is not only found but celebrated in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

The Artisan collection offers a rustic yet curated mix of luxury upholstery, drapery and accessory textiles, in a refined, earthen colour palette and encourages one to pull away from the digital screens and into the present moment through tactile experiences in the home. The collection speaks to the past, through embracing traditional textile techniques but is developed with a contemporary sensibility, in keeping with Mokum’s design ethos which is both luxurious and authentic.

“With this collection we sought to contemporise craftsmanship and showcase the imprint of timeless textile techniques. We worked with specialist weaving structures, luxury yarns and artisanal printing and finishing processes to create subtly complex textiles in a palette that feels both modern and nostalgic.” - Stephanie Moffitt, Design Director


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The Classic Wool collection features Mackenzie, a timeless wool from the James Dunlop range that has been recoloured and rejuvenated with 11 new shades. Paired with two new designs, Jackson and Clarke, an oversized hounds tooth and a contemporary diamond design of a jacquard construction.

The three designs offer tactility through a luxurious handle reinforcing the ongoing desire of comfort and wellbeing within the home.



"This collections perfection is in its imperfection."

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The emotion and form of Parker’s ceramics has been admired, embraced and reinterpreted utilizing cutting-edge textile technology. From the richness of colour to form, function and clean lines, John Parker’s art creates a mood and atmosphere found throughout this collection.

Anchored by a range of high quality plains, the prints, geometrics and highly textured constructions provide the Perspective collection with a distinction of being practical, while providing a uniqueness of design and visual quality that enhances room settings. Perspective’s combination of textural and reflective fabrics are simultaneously beautiful and functional, while the highly textured fabrics present layers of depth, both real and imagined.


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A range of semi-sheer draperies, developed through print, weave and texture, the Serenity collection creates an environment, where you can take solace from the pressures of everyday life, taking pleasure in doing nothing, but contemplating and enjoying the beautiful haven of the home. 


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An eclectic collection of luxury textiles, trimmings and wallpapers, Majorelle is inspired by Catherine Martin’s recent foray into tropical flora and fauna whilst taking design influence from Orientalism and exotic faraway lands.

The collection references Jardin Majorelle, Yves Saint Laurent’s enchanting retreat designed by living legend Jacques Grange in Marrakesh, famed for its sophisticated and exotic interior design, brilliant blue exterior and magnificent gardens. The collection also pays homage to Catherine’s French heritage and love affair with French culture, design and interior architecture.


“Celebrating my love of mixing discordant textures and patterns, into extravagantly contrasting but nevertheless visually enticing combinations, I seek, in this collection, to find a style where being baroque is elegant and modern. Marrying animal print and embellished tropical designs and an exuberantly luxurious palette of fabrics, this is a collection that is meant to be both glamorous and playful.”

- Catherine Martin


Read more about the Majorelle collection and the collaboration process on our News & Design blog.


‘Taking tea’ is not only a lifestyle, it is a sacred ritual observed all over the world. It ignores political divisions and broaches cultural boundaries; taking tea is the international language of ‘welcome to my home’. In Australia and New Zealand hosting visitors for tea in the front room harks from a colonial era that our inner city suburbs were built upon. This ritual continues in various forms throughout our diverse landscapes and is an inescapable part of the fabric of our lives.

The Tea House collection focuses on the intimate nature of ‘taking tea’. Large floral prints feature strong patterns and bold colours of tropical fauna, fresh herbs, cherry blossoms, and bird life, which sit alongside a sumptuous velvet making for a luxurious fabric collection.


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Outdoor furniture and textiles have become indistinguishable from indoor equivalents as new technologies allow different yarns, constructions and techniques to be beautifully resolved in a manner that will withstand the rigours of our unique environmental conditions.

Mokum’s latest release, Club Tropicalia, responds to the global trend that sees soft interior aesthetics extending to the exterior. This growing design movement allows for the creation of outdoor living spaces that evoke a luxurious and comforting ambiance, encouraging us to eat, socialize and relax outside. The collection typifies the transitional boundary between indoor and out, residential and commercial with all designs having a soft residential handle and commercial high performance attributes.

Club Tropicalia continues Mokum’s foray into visual optimism, a concept whereby joy is cultivated in the colour, form and function of our visual environment. The range is a celebration of nature and colour with its saturated palette and hand painted flora and fauna, balanced by a playful stripe and two dimensional plain upholsteries. Our hero print is the lush Tropicalia, featuring our successful La Palma pattern, digitally printed onto solution dyed polyester. The hand painted artwork is from Mokum’s collaboration with Catherine Martin, originally featured within Majorelle, her Marrakesh inspired indoor collection.




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