The Mokum studio retreats inland and takes inspiration from the expansive desert landscape and solitary and profoundly artistic life of Georgia O’Keeffe, at her iconic Ghost Ranch home. 

The legendary contemporary artist spent her summers in the latter half of her life painting her surroundings whilst staying in her adobe brick house near Santa Fe, in New Mexico.

The textural, soft edges of the adobe brick, natural materials, found objects and sparse, considered furnishings created an inherently modern, minimalist aesthetic which transcends momentary trends and continues to inspire contemporary interiors. The desert has long been a muse for artists of all kinds. Raw dusty earth touched by expansive blue sky, a study in contrast where extreme beauty is found in an often brutal and harsh environment.

Alongside the influence of the home itself, its direct connection to the outdoors and its dramatic desert location, further shapes the terrain of the Surface Collection. Our hero upholstery pattern, Santa Fe, takes inspiration from the plateaus and tableaus of the majestic desert, illustrating these geographical forms, via tactile yarns and raw natural fibres. The textured plains form the foundation of the collection, utilising weave structures, complex yarns and finishing techniques, creating dimensional surfaces which have been custom coloured to reflect the stark beauty of this landscape.

The collection is made complete with an abstract watercolour print, Abstraction, which has been over scaled and printed onto soft natural linen.

"I wish you could see what I see out the window—the earth pink and yellow cliffs to the north—the full pale moon about to go down in an early morning lavender sky . . . pink and purple hills in front and the scrubby fine dull green cedars—and a feeling of much space—It is a very beautiful world."
Georgia O'Keeffe, 1942 letter to the painter Arthur Dove

The Surface collection seeks to express Georgia O’Keeffe’s great love of the natural environment and its ability to be a constant muse to designers and artists. Not only inspiring their work but also creating unlimited joy.

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“As soon as I saw it, I knew I must have it” 
Georgia O’Keeffe