Where We Work

We receive enquiries every day, from all over the world.  Our key markets are New Zealand, Australia and North America with distribution channels across Asia.

Logistical Excellence

Our New Zealand and Australian product distribution centres ship product daily to our major markets across New Zealand, Australia, North America and Asia. Utilising a state of the art wireless and paperless logistics system our warehouses operate efficiently with the highest quality standards.

Our large stock holding in Auckland and Melbourne ensures immediate delivery of our most popular and exclusive product lines. We have dedicated regional customer services teams and our sales and customer support service is unrivalled in the industry. We celebrate and embrace innovation.

We are constantly looking to discover and develop new technology and enhance efficiency. James Dunlop Textiles is built on our history and heritage yet it is paramount we remain at the leading edge of technology, design, innovation and delivery.

“If you take a world map and put dots on it where we source from and where we supply to, it would be large footprint around the world. There are not too many places on the planet that we can’t get textiles to, or source from.”