Our diverse collections within the James Dunlop Textiles catalogue each have their own unique character and style.

The Alpine collection explores reconnection to nature and embraces inspiration drawn directly from the great outdoors. Volcanic landforms, domes, cones and lava create a vivid and dynamic landscape, influencing the surface designs of the collection. At a macro level, the alpine herb garden, a diversity of plants with delicate forms and rich colours inspired both pattern and scale in Alpine.

Tongariro is constantly scarred, scorched and beaten by the rapid weather moods of the region and this constant re-shaping of its landscape provides a wondrous colour palette to draw from. Let us take you on a journey of discovery, from the mountainous beech forests to the harsh volcanic landforms and rocky terrain, with a stunning selection of warming upholsteries, stormy draperies and small-scale designs.

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Just the right amount; the essentials: Lagom. This single word encapsulates the essence of the Swedish way of life and the basis of their national psyche, ‘enough, sufficient, moderation, balance.’

With the Essentials collection by James Dunlop, this philosophy has been the seed of inspiration to produce a comprehensive collection that emanates simplicity and raw beauty.

Together, the six designs incorporate a little bit of everything; pattern and plain, weave and print, but all in moderation with something for everyone. The colour palette across this collection also reflects Lagom; primarily neutral with complimentary seasonal colours and a feature tourmaline blue.

The Essentials collection provides a well-balanced and fundamental offering of drapery and upholstery product; not too little, not too much, just right.

After visiting Nepal and experiencing the love and kindness of the Nepalese people, one of our Sydney-based clients, Andrew Cook of Accent Curtains, has decided to return and build a school. And we want to help! Using the power of fabric - we will donate $1 for every metre of fabric sold from our new Essentials collection in both Australia and New Zealand. We’d love you to join us on this journey, supporting someone from our local industry in their efforts to make a difference to our global community.

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These complimentary designs with co-ordinating colourways offer a full solution in the design of a cohesive space.

Rigorously tested for durability and fire retardency, Platinum Guard fabrics are trusted for high use areas in hospitality, education and aged care. Featuring an impenetrable moisture barrier these designs allow for peace of mind in environments prone to spills and ensure easy cleanability.

With comfort and practicality in mind, the Platinum Guard collection offers carefully constructed compositions that provide a tactile and friendly feel while maintaining high performance features.

OEKO-TEX Certified, Platinum Guard fabrics can be used with confidence that they are free from harmful levels of PFOS, PFOA, Heavy Metals, Phenols, Phthalates and Formaldehyde.


An edited collection of Italian made high performance upholsteries with a luxurious residential aesthetic. This sophisticated collection is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use – you decide.

The Nomadic Indoor Outdoor collection is a fresh and sophisticated mix of new and renewed favourites from our growing high performance category. Perfectly suited to our antipodean lifestyle, this range of heavy duty solution dyed olefin upholsteries has been specifically developed with a soft handle, allowing customers to enjoy a seamless transition between their indoor and outdoor spaces or use as a high performance easy-care indoor solution.

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The importance of velvet in both residential and contract markets continues to gather momentum. Three decorative designs complete the Regency Collection, creating a luxurious softness in a commercial rated quality.

Belmont and Thurlow explore a muted palette of warm neutrals creating elegance with a contemporary edge. Caxton has an extended colour palette working with stronger colours, creating the opportunity for decorative objects to become statement pieces.


From small scale lineal upholstery patterns, geometric draperies and rounded off with a soft muted sheer, this collection is very concise. The colour palette is broad, with strength being given to the designs with additions of rich red, ocean blues and dramatic black. 

The collection can be used for both residential and commercial applications.


Celebrating a classic and fusing it into the present, the Long Island Collection offers the essential linen mix plain, with a complimentary stripe and check. A timeless palette is characterized by softly tinted neutrals and warm mineral shades, creating a soothing alternative to our fast paced lifestyles.


Consisting of four luxury textiles, this collection combines unexpected constructions and explores the interplay between restrained and opulent surfaces. Designs are stripped back, raw, yet comfortable and beautifully considered.

“By mixing unconventional constructions and scales, the Essenza collection typifies our unique perspective and celebrates the essence of the Mokum brand.” – Stephanie Moffitt, Design Director


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Paradiso is Mokum’s third collection with Catherine Martin and is influenced by her work on the recently opened Faena Hotel in South Beach, Miami. Using layers of cultural references, Paradiso is a tightly edited collection that blends tropical influences with an infusion of Martin’s Australian and French heritage.

Coralline and Flamingo are inspired by equatorial flora and fauna and Helios pays homage to ancient sun motifs. These three fabrics sit alongside two new high performance fabrics from Mokum - Coco and Collette.

The Paradiso Collection is woven in high performance constructions that ensure its suitability for indoor and outdoor upholstery applications where superb sunlight resistance, commercial durability and easy care are essential requirements.

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The Evergreen collection is inspired by the lavish overgrown jungles of the Caribbean; drawing influence from the tropical climate, native flora and fauna and the culture of island life. This connection is enhanced with the zesty colour palette and exaggerated scale in the Sabania and Aruba designs.

Palo coordinates with both Aruba and Sabania, tying the collection together and giving a fresh pop of colour.


The Greek Isles collection is true to its name, drawing inspiration from the bright colours, culture and lifestyle centred around this beautiful part of the world. These designs offer a range of bold and vibrant colours from Aqua to Persimmon as well as reversible designs.

Greek Isles is 100% solution dyed olefin, offers excellent colourfastness and is recommended for high performance areas.


The Hampton collection has been updated and refreshed with seven new designs. Offering a versatile range of wide width plain, striped, patterned and textured semi sheers that will suit many contemporary and traditional lifestyles.

With their timeless styling, these designs make the ideal backdrop or subtle statement either lined or unlined for a wide variety of décor situations.