We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

This interview is with Australian furniture designers The Wood Room from Sydney.   Starting a business from scratch in their garage, this creative partnership has grown steadily to a team of 12 who craft beautiful bespoke pieces from American Oak, that are made to last.  We chat to one half of the creative duo - Kate Nicholson on everything about their growing business:

Within the Mokum studio we develop original designs which sit within thematic collections. From beginning to end, the development process is completely custom, and in this article we outline the steps involved in designing an upholstery pattern.

A perfect backdrop for all other shades and finishes, black and white are a perfect pairing, one reflecting all wavelengths of light, the other absorbing it – the very absence of visible light. Technically neither are colours, though that in no way makes them boring.

Homegrown is a series highlighting some of our local and loved creative businesses in the community who have been designing and crafting on the local and international stage.
Today we hear from a relatively new kid on the block, Amy Howell’s homewares brand, You’re Welcome. Noticing a gap in the market for skilled professionals in the design and craftsmanship of custom made cushions and squab seating, You’re Welcome is in demand with fresh, modern pieces.

Rhea Culliford, formally trained in design at Massey University in Wellington, graduated in 2010 with a background in fashion design and tailoring. Rhea spent most of her early career working in the fashion industry refining her technical expertise. In 2015 she decided to make the shift to textiles, joining the team at James Dunlop.

In an age of innovation and technical development the viscose fibre truly stands the test of time. Embracing natural beauty, versatility and innovation viscose/rayon uses science to convert a natural component into a high quality yarn for weave. Known across the world as different names, the term viscose is widely used in Europe, whilst more commonly known as rayon across America.

Homegrown is a series highlighting some of our local and loved creative businesses in the community who have been designing and crafting on the local and international stage. 

Today we get an insight into well-known New Zealand furniture design and manufacturer, David Shaw Furniture, their history, culture and vision driving their team.  David left school at 16 to pursue his passion behind furniture design and manufacture.

Humans have enjoyed wool for over 10,000 years and it continues to be a coveted textile in both high end fashion and interior design due to its many qualities. Here we deep-dive into the wonderful world of wool, sharing the tale of this ancient fibre’s origin, production and inherent attributes. 

Over the next couple of months, the Mokum studio is going to regularly connect with the market via weekly IG live sessions, streaming every Tuesday morning at 10am AEST on @mokumstudio. Here they will share their textile industry knowledge and lift the curtain on the brand’s bespoke design process, which is often a hidden part of the business. They will discuss all aspects of their design and development process; from initial concept stage, through the various stages of developing original drapery, upholstery and wallpaper designs, right through to the final marketing. In doing so, we hope that both the specifier and consumer can better understand, and speak to, the true bespoke nature of the Mokum brand’s development process and better recognise the value of their artisan product.

Across fashion, homewares and interior soft furnishings, linen is revered for its relaxed beauty, casual sophistication, organic texture and unique inherent characteristics. 

The connection between linen and skin is energetic. It’s impossible to replicate the feeling of handling a high quality linen textile; its unique texture, the way it moves, even the sound it makes when you tousle it, is alluring.

Here we delve into the wonderful world of linen, exploring its origins and unravelling its many inherent characteristics.

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Stephanie Moffitt, Design Director of Mokum Textiles, a brand within the James Dunlop Textile Group, began her career in 1993 when she was just 22 years old, fresh out of Wellington Design School. Since then, Stephanie has risen through the company and moved to Sydney, Australia to lead Mokum’s design studio.

Annie Moir began her career in 2012 after graduating from Victoria University in Wellington. A fifth-generation James Dunlop family member, Annie now works alongside Stephanie as Mokum’s Product Developer from the Sydney-based design studio. Together they create accessible luxury textiles and wallpapers developed with the finest international mills from around the globe.

"It is extremely difficult to refine our list of beloved Mokum textiles down to a mere top 10!"