We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

We speak to Adam Cornish of Adam Cornish Design from Melbourne.  As a multidisciplinary designer, Adam aims to create honest accessible products developed through research and by allowing products to find their natural expression. By combining strong, simple design solutions with a palette of natural tactile materials Adam strives to create individual products with visual and physical longevity. 

Today we speak to Hildy Kovacs of Kovacs Design, an artisan furniture designer based in Christchurch.  Kovacs has a rich history in furniture manufacturing where their ethos is to produce pieces built to inspire, to uphold and endure.  Over the years the company has seen many changes requiring the business to adjust dramatically to the increasing competition and changing retail environment.

Today we talk to Ben Lewis, co-founder of Trenzseater. Distinguishable by an international style which is modern, sophisticated and elegant, Trenzseater is dedicated to offering the very finest for the home through exclusive furnishings and interior design service. Inspired by his grandfather's furniture business growing up, Ben’s drive and passion for manufacturing some of the finest furniture in New Zealand gave him, from an early age a grounding and foundation in an industry which he fell in love with.

FR-One Fire Retardant Fabric is the industry-leader in Inherently Fire-Retardant (IFR) furnishing fabrics for commercial and residential use globally.

Within our busy and hyper-connected lives we all need a tranquil space within our home that is cocooning, nurturing and restorative. There is nothing more satisfying than retreating to your bedroom in the evening or whenever you need - who doesn’t love a sneaky afternoon siesta on the weekend!

This intimate setting offers plenty of opportunity to create something aesthetically pleasing for quality hibernation, restorative meditation, or restful sleep. 

A theme can be a powerful unifying way to start your bedroom interiors refresh, whether you prefer restrained simplicity, or plush luxury, there is a look to suit your taste.  Here, we have put together 10 key pointers to revitalise your bedroom. A guide to help you have some fun on a grand thematic scale, or just a simple weekend project update.

A ‘pill’ or more commonly known as a bobble, fuzz ball, or lint ball is a small ball of fibres that form on the face of a piece of fabric.  It is caused by abrasion on the surface and is considered unsightly as it makes fabrics look worn.

“Our unique environment impacts on our lifestyle and shapes the way we live. Kiwis and Aussies are often regarded as relaxed and “easy going” – there’s a casualness to how we live, speak and design and this is reflected in our preferred colour palettes too.” - Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director

Curtains can completely transform an interior space, adding impact, privacy and comfort. It’s an age old saying that a window unfurnished is a window unfinished. But when designing custom made curtains there are a lot of decisions to be made throughout the process. The first task is specifying the fabric, this specification needs to be based on aesthetic, performance and budget requirements.

As part of the specification process you need to resolve the appropriate heading style. This is how the fabric is sewn or pleated at the top of the curtain, and it will have a direct impact on the way in which the fabric will drape or hang as well functional characteristics such as stack back (the amount of space a curtain will occupy when fully drawn open).

There are a wide range of heading styles available, not only do they provide functional characteristics but they will also greatly impact the look and feel of the room; whether the space takes on a traditional or more modern sensibility. 

Below we discuss the 6 most popular heading styles across Australia and New Zealand as outlined by our clients and we summarise appropriate fabric choices for each. 

We hear from James McNab, Director at Think + Shift an innovative Auckland design studio whose scope of work crosses the fields of product, furniture, interior and architecture design. Working with a range of craftsman and contractors, this agile team of innovators produce thought-provoking design to enrich the way we live.

“We use all our senses as we walk through life and they have a direct influence on our interpretation of the world around us. Our challenge is to add elements that makes the product unique, with their own hand writing.”

In December 2019, Pantone released their 2020 ‘Color of the Year’, Classic Blue. The victor of this highly anticipated annual announcement is described by Pantone as a “reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”. We believe (now more than ever) this relevant offering brings comfort to the strange new world we’ve all recently been introduced to, and our willingness to evoke these very emotions in our most intimate and personal of spaces reflects this. 

Homegrown is a series highlighting some of our local and loved creative businesses in the community who have been designing and crafting on the local and international stage.  
Today we hear from Wolf & Co, a flourishing New Zealand wholesale furniture business who’s belief and true passion for the art of crafting beautiful furniture, has seen them grow in a very competitive market.  Lauren Hunter, Sales Manager at Wolf & Co shares the company’s evolution and insights into a small yet agile business.