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Product Information (11)
> What is the Blue Scale?

The Blue Scale is used for assessing the light fastness of printed or dyed fabrics and textiles.  
The scale graduates from light (1) to dark (8), the higher the rating, the better the resistance. A score of 1/8 is very poor, and 7/8 is exceptionally good.

> How do I know if the product is available?

Product stock holding is shown on the individual product page. 

* You must be a client and logged into the website to view this information.

> Care Codes

Care Code symbols and definitions can be downloaded here.

> Colour Standards

All colours utilise quality dye stuffs and should give satisfactory service under normal conditions.

Colour matching to previous deliveries or sample swatches cannot be guaranteed.

> What is a fabric pill?

A ‘pill’ or more commonly known as a bobble, fuzz ball, or lint ball is a small ball of fibres that form on the face of a piece of fabric.  It is caused by abrasion between two surfaces. Loose fibres have a natural tendency to move to the surface of a piece of fabric, where they are subject to friction, this causes the fibres to twist together into small balls  

Pilling is more noticeable on synthetic fibres.  This is mainly because natural fabrics shed loose fibres easily and less noticeably, while man-made fibres are extremely strong, so the pills are anchored strongly to the fabric.

Transfer pilling is when the pilling is a different colour to the main base fabric. This occurs when two fabrics have pilled together.  Clothing, throw rugs or cushions are normally the cause.

As pilling is not a fabric defect or fault it is not covered under warranty.

For more information on pilling please read this article: Understanding fabric pilling

> What is a Wyzenbeek test?

A Wynzenbeek test is an American abrasion test for upholstery fabrics, measured in double rubs, and created through a specified weight applied in a backwards and forwards motion, creating a 'double rub'.

> What is FR?

FR stands for Flame Retardant.  FR properties can be either inherent in the yarn or applied as a finish.  Inherent FR cannot be washed out and generally achieves a high certification for fire retardancy.  An after-market or solution finish can also achieve a good FR rating in the short term but may lessen over time depending upon how the fabric is treated.

The responsibility for attaining the appropriate FR certification is the role of the Specifier, as every project and location has a different requirement with varying context.

> What are Martindale Rubs/Cycles?

Martindale is a test used in Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, for measuring the resistance to abrasion (rubs), as a means of assessing wearability in upholstery fabrics. It is created by applying a specific weight to the fabric, using a circular motion. Small samples of the fabric to be tested are mechanically rubbed against a standard abradant material and the number of cycles (rubs) is assessed at “endpoint”, i.e., when a number of threads are broken.

The number of Martindale rubs is recorded for your perusal on every fabric specification sheet.

As a rough rule of thumb:
Up to 12000 - Light use (occasional furniture)
13000-20000 - Residential
21000 and above - Commercial

> What is railroading?

Railroading is applying fabric to furniture so that the weft or filling runs vertically. Turning it 90 degrees from the direction that it came off the loom. When railroaded, a length of fabric can be used to cover an entire sofa back without prominent seams.

Many upholstery fabrics are designed so that they can be railroaded. This means that if you turn the bolt on end and roll out the fabric from left to right, the pattern would be continuous across the roll. Fabric which is woven this way is particularly useful in sofas. If a fabric can be railroaded, this eliminates seams on the outside back of a large sofa. If a fabric is not woven to be railroaded, the fabric is used off the roll.

> What are your minimums?

The minimum order size is 1 metre. 

> Do you supply other products that are not on your website?

We are unable to show every design from our extensive range.

However, if you would like to contact us with a product name/design/number or idea of what you are looking for we can suggest products that fit that description.

Website Tutorial Videos (3)
> Introduction to Website

Introduction to the James Dunlop website, basic features and how to navigate the site.

> Product Search

Tutorial on how to search for fabrics and products on the website.

> Client Login

How to login as a client to view additional website information that is not visible to non clients.

Account & Order Information (14)
> Warranty

Within two years of purchase James Dunlop Textiles will replace any fabric that is found to be faulty as a result of manufacturing defects and has been:

• Manufactured to industry standard practices and procedures.
• Properly maintained and professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
• Applied and/or used normally for its intended residential or single shift commercial installation.
• Protected from sunlight damage.
• Not subject to third party after treatment.

Warranties are extended to the invoiced purchaser only. Any claims must be made via the invoiced purchaser.


> Social Responsibility

Please see our About Us page for information on Social Responsibility & Sustainability

> Indent Stock Orders

Indent stock is held at our European suppliers warehouses, so delivery schedules can take 2-3 weeks.

> When will I receive my order?

Whenever possible, orders are processed the same day as received. To ensure our fastest service please include fabric cuts.

Contact details for orders:

SYDNEY Phone: 02 9304 5900 Fax: 02 9669 3003
MELBOURNE Phone: 03 9811 4100 Fax: 03 9813 2719
BRISBANE Phone: 07 3620 4100 Fax: 07 3257 3522
ADELAIDE Phone: 08 8332 8372 Fax: 08 8332 8229
PERTH Phone: 08 9284 2622 Fax: 08 9382 2519

When your order is processed, a confirmation will be electronically transmitted. Please check it carefully to ensure all details are correct. Advise any errors immediately.

A $20 small order handling fee and freight costs applies to all deliveries under a value of $150.00 excl GST.

> Shipping & Delivery

Should an item be temporarily unavailable, an acknowledgment confirming anticipated arrival will be issued.  If this later delivery is not acceptable, you must formally cancel your order.

All deliveries must be approved prior to manufacture for colour matching, handle and general suitability. Any possible claims will be subject to this clause.

Where deliveries are made to third parties, it is your responsibility to check that the correct fabric/wall covering is received. We strongly advise that a sample is sent to you from your third party for verification when goods are received.

Not all fabrics are rolled face in. If you are ordering a fabric that could be made up either side, we recommend you send a cutting to your workroom confirming the preferred face.

> Full roll orders

The international industry standard for acceptable flaws in roll stock is 5 flaws per 50m of fabric.

Please note James Dunlop Textiles adheres to this standard and will not accept returns that meet this criteria.

> Ordering & Information on our website

Throughout the year we release new collections and products. For availability please refer to our website

The Client Login section of our website allows you to:

  • View detailed product information and specifications
  • Check available stock and piece sizes
  • View piece prices (where applicable)
  • Check wholesale pricing (and see if a discount is available on any product)  
  • Purchase short ends at a 50% discount
  • Download price lists and other useful guides
  • Quickly search products by use/width/attribute
  • Save your favourite products and check availability in two easy clicks
  • Track your orders
  • Place new orders
  • Request loan samples
  • Perform account enquiries  
  • Reprint documents.

If you haven’t used our Client Login section before please look at the online tutorial, under 'Client Login' found here.

Please email if you have any questions.

> Payment Terms

Proforma Accounts - Strictly net pricing. Goods will be dispatched after payment is received.

Trade Account - Payment by 20th of the month following purchase for credit approved customers. Overdue accounts subject to interest.

Prices are “Cash Prices” for settlement by cash/cheque or direct credit to our bank account. We reserve the right to adjust the price if payment is made by other means. We reserve the right to withhold the supply of goods unless these terms are met.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions here.


> What is your return & claims policy?

Please examine all goods before cutting. An uncut fabric order, over 10m in total may be returned, subject to a 30% restocking fee plus return freight cost.

We are unable to accept claims of any nature, including colour variation, after the fabric has been cut. This includes orders delivered to a third party, i.e. workroom or furniture factory, etc.

It is normal for fabrics to appear slightly ‘off square’ – this is due to finishing processes and provided lengths are cut to pattern rather than to weft, made up drapes will hang satisfactorily. In fabrics with a horizontal pattern, allow a tolerance of up to 2cm, from the centre of the width, for bowing.

Returns can only be accepted if accompanied by the reason for the return and also the relevant invoice number. All goods are supplied on the understanding that our liability for any defect is limited to a sum not exceeding the invoiced value of the fabric.

Goods must be returned ‘Rolled full width on tubes, with care.’

> Can I order directly from the website?

Yes, we have an e-commerce section on our website which you can also use to check on stock holdings of each product.

* You need an account to order through the website.

> How do I open an account or trade with James Dunlop Textiles?

Please contact James Dunlop Textiles for an ‘Expressions of interest’ questionnaire that we can send/e-mail to you. After you have completed the questionnaire and returned it to us, it will be evaluated.

If it meets our criteria a James Dunlop representative will contact you and send you an ‘Account Application Form’ for you to complete and return.

> What are your payment terms?

Fabrics are supplied to trade customers on a wholesale only basis according to the following terms: 

  • Approved Credit Account: Strictly net 30 days from statement date. 
  • No Approved Credit Account: Proforma Account - In the absence of approved credit arrangements payment for all goods must be made prior to the release of goods for delivery. 
  • We reserve the right to withhold supply of goods unless these terms have been met. 


> Can I cancel an order?

It is not possible to cancel orders which have been especially imported by prior negotiation.

We are, however, able at times to cancel orders, provided the goods have not been cut or dispatched. James Dunlop Textiles cannot be held liable for goods supplied correctly to order and subsequently cancelled by the end purchaser. In some cases, there may be a ‘cut fee’ for cancelled orders (this is to cover the time taken to process the credit, inspect and manually add the stock back into the system). 

Please direct all requests for cancellation to the James Dunlop Commercial Sales Co-ordinator on (09)623 6005 (option 1).


> Can't find the answer to your question?

Our customer service team is here to help:

Freecall 0800 933 586