Products & Collections

We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

Italian for spring, the La Primavera collection by Mokum is inspired by visual optimism; a concept whereby joy is cultivated in the colour, form and function of our visual environment.

Introducing FibreGuard Pro

The highest performing fabric

FibreGuard Pro is the perfect choice for environments such as hospitals, aged care, hotels and restaurants. Building on FibreGuard’s Stain Free Technology, FibreGuard Pro offers anti moisture, mildew and odour resistance and anti microbial properties due to it’s unique finish, ensuring moisture is unable to move through the fabric.

The Peggy & Medina collections by Bluebellgray are vibrant collections with drapery and upholstery fabrics that explore the growing landscape around the Scottish Borders. Key features include deep blue inky tones that reflect the ever changing sky and block colours that evoke aerial views of fields from above. Fresh and modern fabrics that will add joy to your interior. 

Mokum’s latest release pays homage to artisanal craftsmanship from around the globe.

Formal yet informal; refined yet casual; contrasting yet complementary; the opposing nature of black and white is at the heart of the Complexity collection by James Dunlop.

Life imitating art – the Perspective collection is drawn from the beautifully precise pottery of celebrated New Zealand artist and designer John Parker.  

We are delighted to announce that the French textile brand, Casamance, is now available in New Zealand exclusively through James Dunlop Textiles.

The Serenity collection by James Dunlop is designed to create a place of calm energy, to revitalize and restore. Inspired by the soothing qualities of colour and texture discovered in nature.

The Tea House collection by James Dunlop brings old world charm back into today’s modern living by reinventing luxurious fabric designs. Inspired by the ritual of sharing tea and fueled by a resurgence in the global craft movement, Tea House is a collection of colourful patterned print designs with a traditional royal velvet.

Luxury is evolving from what we own to how we live. Mokum's latest collection is distilled in essence and freed from superfluous detail to focus on simplicity in form and function. 

We continue our exciting collaboration with Catherine Martin, releasing our fourth collection - Majorelle