photo of Shalimar Petrol in situ
Taking its name from the renowned exotic Shalimar gardens in India, this deconstructed floral drapery has been embroidered onto a linen base cloth, then transfer printed in abstract washes of colour onto the stitched areas only. The complexity of multiple techniques and irregularities in the embroidered surfaces illustrates Artisans theme of perfect imperfection, where the layers of textile craftsmanship are celebrated through the beauty of the finished design.
  • Product Shalimar
  • Color Petrol
  • Code 12698-603
  • Part of the Artisan collection.

  • Composition 58% PL, 42% LI
  • Horizontal Pattern Repeat (Weft) 26.0"
  • Vertical Pattern Repeat (Warp) 18.1"
  • Width 51.2"
  • Weight 559g/yd
  • Origin India
  • Drapery
  • Accessory
Test Results

UV 4/8 Blue Scale

Please note: these products have been tested to the relevant standards. Please review the test results prior to specification.

  • Irregular Printing Is Inherent

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