Artisan by Mokum

Mokum’s latest release pays homage to artisanal craftsmanship from around the globe.

The collection tributes the traditional Japanese concept of wabi sabi, a philosophy whereby beauty is not only found but celebrated in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

The Artisan collection offers a rustic yet curated mix of luxury upholstery, drapery and accessory textiles, in a refined, earthen colour palette and encourages one to pull away from the digital screens and into the present moment through tactile experiences in the home. The collection speaks to the past, through embracing traditional textile techniques but is developed with a contemporary sensibility, in keeping with Mokum’s design ethos which is both luxurious and authentic.


Named after the eminent Atlas mountains in Northwestern Africa, with its diverse terrain spanning Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Atlas takes design inspiration from traditional kilim rug weaving techniques, resulting in a weighty and complex multi-coloured textile. Altas is woven in Italy using luxury yarns to create a sophisticated natural lustre and soft sumptuous hand. With a diffused colour palette of subtle, tonal combinations, Atlas provides an abstract transitional design that feels both modern and nostalgic.

Atlas colour Nude.


Inspired by ancient Japanese raku ceramics, favoured by Zen Buddhist masters and sacred to traditional tea ceremonies. The raku firing process encompasses all of nature’s elements; earth, fire, air and water to create unique, imperfect and asymmetrical pottery. Mokum’s new textured plain utilizes complex weaving techniques to create a heavily dimensional surface texture, reminiscent of the revered irregularities in raku pottery. Woven in a sophisticated blend of tonal colours, Raku is a relaxed and soft, yet structured upholstery weave.

Ottoman in Raku colour Nude. Cushion in the reverse side of Azulejo colour Pumice. 


Mokum’s new relaxed ottoman upholstery creates a sense of depth and dimension through bespoke weaving techniques. The stria warp creates subtle colour variation within the surface which sits proud against the heavy horizontal weft yarns, producing a dimensional and rhythmic ottoman weave. Woven in Italy using a quintessential Mokum blend of luxury fibres, Otto has an elegant soft finish, subtle lustre and has been custom coloured in a thoughtful palette of neutrals, soft pastels and rich earthy hues.

Chair in Otto colour Blush. Cushion in Shibui colour Oxide. 


Another edition to Mokum’s comprehensive stable of luxury plain linens. Shibui focuses on artisanal finishing techniques, resulting in a linen that has been piece dyed, enzyme washed and tumbled to create its desired irregular surface. Shibui is custom coloured in complex chalky tones then enzyme finished to expertly extract colour from the cloth, creating a sublime soft handle and antiqued colour palette which speaks to the passage of time.

Sofa - Shibui colour Celadon. Cushions from left - Shibui colour Celadon, Shibui colour Oxide, Satori Stonewash colour Moss. Curtain - Shibui colour Moss.


Continuing our love affair with luxury linen, Mokum has developed a sumptuous and energetic, wide-width stonewashed linen, in a comprehensive palette of neutrals and earthen dusty tones. Satori Stonewash is woven in 100% linen, expertly stonewashed, then softly tumbled to create its perfectly dynamic handle. Named after the Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment, Satori Stonewash is suitable for drapery application, top of bed and light duty upholstery and is set to become a Mokum classic!

Tablecloth in Satori Stonewash colour Ochre. Curtains, from left, Satori Stonewash colour Dove Grey, Satori Stonewash colour Petrol.


Many consider Portugal’s most captivating work of art to be found on its street walls laden in Azulejos, the iconic Spanish and Portugese hand painted and glazed ceramic tiles. Azulejo’s damask motif was influenced by traditional hand painted tiles, then deconstructed and softened to modernize the design, whilst creating an antiqued aesthetic. Woven using the finest Italian linen yarns, tumbled and custom coloured in subtle combinations, Azulejo is a unique, reversible patterned drapery. Azulejo’s mix of traditional and contemporary influences allows this beautiful drapery to suit both classic and modern interiors.

Ottoman in Raku colour Nude. Curtain in Azulejo colour Pumice. Cushion in the reverse side of Azulejo colour Pumice.


Taking its name from the renowned exotic Shalimar gardens in India, this deconstructed floral drapery has been embroidered onto a linen base cloth, then transfer printed in abstract washes of colour onto the stitched areas only. The complexity of multiple techniques and irregularities in the embroidered surfaces illustrates Artisans theme of perfect imperfection, where the layers of textile craftsmanship are celebrated through the beauty of the finished design.

 Curtain in Shalimar colour Terracotta. Tablecloth in Satori Stonewash colour Nude.

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