We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

Miami based designer Wade Hallock of Hallock Design Company works across residential and commercial interior design.  Hallock Design is a boutique design firm that specialises in creating unique and memorable interiors. One of their recent hospitality projects is the Icebox Cafe in Miami which boldly and proudly features Mokum fabrics.  

"Mokum is my go-to for fun and unique fabrics. The large overscale design and palette of La Palma drew me right into another world of the tropical 20s with the sound of bongos playing, flamingos in the sun, the smell of suntan lotion, and warm humid tropical breezes."

FibreGuard Pro is the perfect choice for environments such as hospitals, aged care, hotels and restaurants. Building on FibreGuard’s Stain Free Technology, FibreGuard Pro offers anti moisture, mildew and odour resistance and anti microbial properties due to it’s unique finish, ensuring moisture is unable to move through the fabric.

Here at James Dunlop Textiles we are committed to reducing waste and caring for our environment.  We strive to be socially responsible and environmentally conscious by focusing on delivering the most sustainable product and service while caring for others in our communities.

We asked Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director about the Studio’s inspiration for the latest collection, Club Tropicalia, she helpfully provided context to the theme of Visual Optimism. 

"In repsonse to this, Mokum has brought the key themes from the indoor range into the outdoor space."

The Mokum design studio take us behind the scenes, unveiling the bespoke design process involved in creating the original prints from their latest La Primavera collection, Papillon and Peonia. We also gain further insight into the source of inspiration for these two beautiful designs.

We love working with the passionate team at Cult and were excited to have the opportunity to talk to them about Australian design, the creation of NAU Design and what not to miss at Denfair this year.

Italian for spring, the La Primavera collection by Mokum is inspired by visual optimism; a concept whereby joy is cultivated in the colour, form and function of our visual environment.

Keeping furniture upholstery clean and looking great is a real issue for home owners and a technical issue for manufacturers and designers.  Specifying an everyday fabric that looks great, is soft to the touch, and will last across all applications is not easy. A fast evolving textile solution is FibreGuard stain resistant protection.