We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

What’s your favourite colour? Are you intending to repaint your walls this summer or maybe you want to change up the colour palette of your living spaces. If you are stuck for a colour idea then that’s where colour forecasters can help inspire you.

Waikato based spatial designer, Annique Heesen of Gezellig Interior Design works on residential and commercial projects across New Zealand. A regular client of James Dunlop Textiles, Annique shares with us how she came to open her rapidly growing design business, and the work she is busily involved in. 

Have you ever wondered what our fabrics would look like on a piece of furniture or as a curtain?  Do you struggle to imagine it?  We call this the imagination gap. 

To help bridge this gap, we at James Dunlop Group (JD Group), have invested in creating high quality digital copies of our physical fabrics. Capturing every thread and fibre so that we are able to create and provide you with photorealistic digital imagery across an extensive range of fabric designs and colourways, through 3D rendering. 

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