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To counterbalance the ever-present use of digital technology and the hours spent online, we seek an escape through calmness and serenity in the home.

With Utopia by Mokum, an unattainable utopian dream becomes accessible through earthy textures and tonal, atmospheric colour palettes.

Consisting of seven luxury textiles, the Utopia collection pairs soft, tailored surfaces with raw textural weaves, chalky hues with pearlescent mineral tones, which combine together to create a complex yet resolved offering.

With a focus on Artisan finishing processes we celebrate the importance of soft furnishings in the home through rediscovering the power of tangible sensations and tactile encounters in a digital era.

“The Utopia collection combines both artisan and industrial techniques to sit harmoniously together through shared luxurious quality and coordinated colour palettes.” – Stephanie Moffitt, Design Director