Mokum Classics


The Mokum Classics collection is an ever evolving category that includes top selling existing designs which have been recoloured to further extend their presence in the market.

“Classic”: judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

Mokum Classics is an enduring product category in which successful plain upholsteries and draperies are continually reinvested in every 3-4 years with refreshed and reinvigorated colour palettes. This product category ensures Mokums quintessential plains remain current with fashion driven shades and core neutrals needing to evolve overtime.

The Mokum studio has re-coloured two Mokum classics; Couture and Hollywood, which both sit contently alongside Mokum’s latest La Primavera collection. For the first time two new plains have been added to the perennial Mokum Classics range, two classic Italian wool upholsteries, Como and Prato, which offer commercial performance, exquisite handle and extensive colour lines, both of which are sure to become market favourites.

Our two new commercial wool upholsteries, Como and Prato have been carefully constructed through blending natural and synthetic fibres and expertly finished. With a comprehensive offering of perfect neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades, they have been coloured to suit both residential and commercial palettes. Prato has the luxurious look and handle of premium felted wool, Como is a distinctive flat basket weave and like Prato, deliver a residential aesthetic with commercial performance. Mokum’s beloved Couture has been reinvigorated with a stunning new colour palette. Introducing 11 new colours, including eternal shades of Blanc and Noir as well as fresh grey based neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades. This glamourous wide width drapery has a touch of stainless steel giving it a dimensional hammered finish, making it perfect for contemporary installations. Glamourous yet understated, Hollywood has been refined and refreshed with 6 new nuanced neutrals. The luxurious chenille upholstery is woven using the finest Italian yarn to create a subtle texture, soft handle and elegant tailored finish that suits both contemporary and classic interiors.

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