A modern fusion of East and West

Mokum’s latest collection, Dynasty, presents Asian infused luxury interior textiles designed for our contemporary world. Inspired by China’s rich history of sophisticated embellishment and decoration, Dynasty is a modern fusion of stylistic elements from both the East and West.

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The Dynasty collection is comprised of luxurious velvets, textured plains, two trims and a bold emblematic panel as well as the return of a favourite design, Tulip Tetuoan.

The plain upholstery textures Herringbone and Temple are the foundation of the collection. Herringbone is a tailored wool blend herringbone weave and Temple is a rhythmic, sculptural, chenille upholstery.

Longevity is a bold emblematic panel drapery, inspired by the Chinese symbol for longevity. It is a fil coupe construction woven in Trevira CS yarns, making it appropriate for both commercial and residential applications.

Maple Leaf is a mix of woven textures, combining plush velvet pile and intricate metallic details and Joss is a lustrous deconstructed velvet check, woven in metallic jewel tones, which is inspired by Asian gold leaf prayer paper. Trellis is an interlocking lattice pattern, woven in velvet and is inspired by Chinese timber screens.

The beautiful Tulip Tetouan has been rewoven in a mix of cotton and synthetic fibres making it more appropriate for our environmental conditions.

To complete the collection the Yin and Yang Ribbons are two handed embroidered trims which add beautiful embellishment to the collection.


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