James Dunlop

The Alpine Collection is inspired by the mountainous regions of New Zealand and in particular the Tongariro National Park.

The Alpine collection explores reconnection to nature and embraces inspiration drawn directly from the great outdoors. Volcanic landforms, domes, cones and lava create a vivid and dynamic landscape, influencing the surface designs of the collection. At a macro level, the alpine herb garden, a diversity of plants with delicate forms and rich colours inspired both pattern and scale in Alpine.

Tongariro is constantly scarred, scorched and beaten by the rapid weather moods of the region and this constant re-shaping of its landscape provides a wondrous colour palette to draw from. Let us take you on a journey of discovery, from the mountainous beech forests to the harsh volcanic landforms and rocky terrain, with a stunning selection of warming upholsteries, stormy draperies and small-scale designs.

Read more about products and inspiration behind Alpine on our 'Design & News' blog.

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