James Dunlop


Just the right amount; the essentials: Lagom. This single word encapsulates the essence of the Swedish way of life and the basis of their national psyche, ‘enough, sufficient, moderation, balance.’

With the Essentials collection by James Dunlop, this philosophy has been the seed of inspiration to produce a comprehensive collection that emanates simplicity and raw beauty.

Together, the six designs incorporate a little bit of everything; pattern and plain, weave and print, but all in moderation with something for everyone. The colour palette across this collection also reflects Lagom; primarily neutral with complimentary seasonal colours and a feature tourmaline blue.

The Essentials collection provides a well-balanced and fundamental offering of drapery and upholstery product; not too little, not too much, just right.

After visiting Nepal and experiencing the love and kindness of the Nepalese people, one of our Sydney-based clients, Andrew Cook of Accent Curtains, has decided to return and build a school. And we want to help! Using the power of fabric - we will donate $1 for every metre of fabric sold from our new Essentials collection in both Australia and New Zealand. We’d love you to join us on this journey, supporting someone from our local industry in their efforts to make a difference to our global community.


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