Backyard Bliss - Styling tips for Outdoor Living

"Outdoor furniture and textiles have become indistinguishable from indoor equivalents"

Now is the time to cautiously lift the lid on your BBQ and brace yourself for a pre Spring clean … clearing the way for your ultimate outdoor setting to take shape.

Thankfully, outdoor furniture and textiles have become indistinguishable from indoor equivalents as new technologies allow different yarns, constructions and techniques to be beautifully resolved in a manner that will withstand the rigours of our unique environmental conditions.

You can now design the great outdoors as an extension of your interior living spaces and give them personality by evoking a luxurious and comforting ambiance that encourages us to eat, socialise and relax outside.

No matter how big or small your outdoor area, we’ve come up with some design considerations to help you plan and style this area for all year round enjoyment.

Prepare your position

  • Make optimal use of your space by positioning your furniture for views, functionality and comfort.
  • Create zones for cooking, dining, relaxing or playing.
  • Keep your outdoor style cohesive with your interior scheme to create a seamless flow.
  • Or, change things up by adding vibrant colour and pattern through your textiles (seating, cushions, throws, brollies) bringing a sense of the Tropics, Palm Springs or Greek Islands home.

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Mokum Club Tropicalia Collection

Mokum Club Tropicalia Collection

Choose quality furniture and textiles

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true especially with outdoor items.

  • Supporting local manufacturers has positive ethical and ecological impacts and how good does it feel to know your purchase is helping your local community be economically sustainable?
  • Invest wisely in high performance textiles and frames, chose authentic designs that are made to last.
  • Prepare for all seasons.  It’s wise to store these items indoors over the harsh winter months to extend the lifecycle, if you can.  Or pop over protective covers. 

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Mokum Nomadic Indoor Outdoor Collection

Mokum Nomadic Indoor Outdoor Collection

Consider your lifestyle

  • If you enjoy outdoor entertaining you may want friends and family to stay all day, so provide plenty of options/ areas to relax.

  • Dedicating functional zones maximises the use of your space.  Anchoring a large outdoor rug under the seating areas immediately creates a great lounging vibe.

  • Use a bar leaner if you’re short on space, and enjoy an evening cocktail watching the sun go down. 

  • If you're in a city or your patio is small, use your vertical space to introduce greenery but maintain a sense of place with edgy, sleek furniture.

  • If you like things tidy and organised add stylish storage hooks for hats towels and utensils. 

  • The addition of a fire pit creates a cozy and stylish zone to decorate and a great talking point. Gas concrete fire pits are expertly designed and constructed so you don't have to worry about the cleanup that a wood burner fire pit creates. 

  • Poolside, there’s nothing better than loungers….. and a few blow up floaties!

Trace Sunlounge by TAIT

Trace Sunlounge by TAIT

Primed for the elements

  • Heating, cover, shade and awnings are an investment but worth it, if used often. 

  • If you’re after some colour, outdoor umbrellas are a great way to introduce pattern and design as well as much needed protection. Style them with your cushions/upholstered items and outdoor rugs for cohesion. 

  • An all-white patio keeps the area cooler on hot days, so carefully consider your substrates and use of colour. 

Fun, function & relaxation

  • A canopied daybed is great for casual lounging, not to mention, it adds tons of intrigue to the lawn.

  • An outdoor bar for more stylish entertaining outdoors. Choose an eye-catching tile design and hang string lights for a romantic, summery vibe. 

  • Outdoor shower - even if you don’t have a pool, they are fantastic for giving the dog a wash or yourself a quick rinse off.

  • Sling Chairs Hammocks - what better way to spend a summer day reading.

  • Must have music – whether it be a portable sound system or wire up your outdoors with speakers, you can’t entertain without music! 

  • Lighting - add lighting into vegetation to highlight paths and walkways. Lighting is the quickest way to set the scene. 

Garden Goodness

  • High hedges add both privacy and drama, ideal for around a pool or spa.
  • Large oversized planters either ceramic or concrete are perfect for tropical plants or citrus offering a feeling of the Tropics and providing you with an abundance of produce. 
  • Keep vertical herb gardens in easy reach for the BBQ or Bar set up.

Don’t forget the kids

  • Kids zones can be fun and colourful. Add outdoor beanbags in easy to clean fabrics along with plenty of things for them to do! Climbing walls, croquet sets, badminton nets, depending on space.

  • For the real littlies, have a small table and chairs set up beside the adults.

  • Pop up a child size tepee for a touch of whimsy.


We hope these tips will help you roll into summer prepared and ready to enjoy your outdoor space.


Fabrics for healthcare & hospitality

Products & Collections

Around the world, the requirements for the healthcare and hospitality sectors, when it comes to textiles are purposefully strict and it’s for a reason, to protect those within these spaces.

High volumes of people / foot traffic, personal and organisational hygiene, food preparation and fire safety are just some of the considerations when selecting fabrics for these industries.

Let us introduce you to the fantastic attributes offered through our high performance healthcare and hospitality grade fabrics:

  • Easy cleanability - inherent stain resistance protection ensures spills and stains are easily wiped away
  • Anti-microbial - finishing techniques ensure mildew and bacteria can’t attach to the yarn or foam
  • Odour Control - easy stain removal and moisture control means odours are kept at bay
  • Moisture Barrier - liquid and stains can’t seep through, they wick, making them easy to wipe off, flexible and breathable fabrics
  • Heavy use durability - tested and approved for commercial application in the heaviest traffic areas of a development
  • Passes all commercial tests and certifications - stringent heavy duty testing for abrasion, strength, flammability, stain resistance moisture barrier, resistance to microbial growth, cleanability, colourfastness and more

To help you with your Commercial project we have available the following high performance fabric brands for Healthcare and Hospitality Specification: