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We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

There’s just something about mid-century design (MCD) that captures the imagination. The architecture is emblematic, exciting, and nostalgic.  It’s close enough in our history to feel familiar, yet far enough away to be inspirational.

We live in such a completely different way, that interiors of the 50s, 60s and 70s are responding to social behaviours and cues that are no longer the norm, so there’s something contradictory yet enthralling.  It touched our generation, our parents, and grandparents, near enough to be real in a way that period antiques of the early 20th century and older, seem more relic-like – exciting sure, but less tangible somehow, coming from a world we can’t really imagine.

MCM exists in the post war world, reflecting a vibrant period of social, technological and political change where design was ground breaking, architecture brave and sculptural. To those who may have felt that mid-century, retro design has been a passing fad, sit back down!  Mid-century style continues to inspire and excite showing its face in new architecture and interior design.

The team at Lujo spotted Mokum’s Tropicalia print in one of their favorite local restaurants inspiring them to create the Tropicalia Series of the Lujo Hammock. Lujo is a New Zealand based company that has been selling direct into the US for around five years. Their purpose has always been to design a range of furniture that would inspire people to seize the small moments of tranquility – to put life on pause, even if momentarily. These premium hammocks, which are available now at Lujo US and with free shipping, provides the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Now is the time to cautiously lift the lid on your BBQ and brace yourself for a pre Spring clean … clearing the way for your ultimate outdoor setting to take shape.

Thankfully, outdoor furniture and textiles have become indistinguishable from indoor equivalents as new technologies allow different yarns, constructions and techniques to be beautifully resolved in a manner that will withstand the rigours of our unique environmental conditions.

You can now design the great outdoors as an extension of your interior living spaces and give them personality by evoking a luxurious and comforting ambiance that encourages us to eat, socialise and relax outside.

No matter how big or small your outdoor area, we’ve come up with some design considerations to help you plan and style this area for all year round enjoyment.

Dark wet nights and cold frosty days, winter is well and truly here as we escape from work to home, to pull the curtains, light the fire then jump into our winter weight bedding.

Winter often result in deeper hues and thick bulky compositions.  It needn’t be all doom and gloom through these months though as we can brighten up our interiors with fabrics and accessories to give us a good dose of colour therapy.

Colour can be a powerful thing, it is steeped in psychology with colour specialists providing many theories on the benefits of each shade.  By tapping into the power of colour, especially over the winter months we can brighten our spaces and elevate our moods to feel just that touch more cheerful.

To help, we have picked out some colourful and energising fabrics to share, ideas for brightening up your interior spaces whether that be through your cushions, curtains, or bedding:

Let’s face it, perching over the kitchen counter and literally clearing both bench and head space before you delve into an eight hour work day isn’t ideal!

Many of us have done just that for the short term, and now the new work landscape has evolved, meaning that working from home with structure and purpose is our new norm.  Businesses and employees are embracing the benefits of working remotely.

Creating a home office that is comfortable, ergonomic, flexible and blends with your home aesthetic is no easy feat, so we have put together some ideas and inspiration for you to consider, to help create a functionally chic and totally refreshed home office space that will fuel your efficiency and sooth your soul.

Today we talk to Ben Lewis, co-founder of Trenzseater. Distinguishable by an international style which is modern, sophisticated and elegant, Trenzseater is dedicated to offering the very finest for the home through exclusive furnishings and interior design service. Inspired by his grandfather's furniture business growing up, Ben’s drive and passion for manufacturing some of the finest furniture in New Zealand gave him, from an early age a grounding and foundation in an industry which he fell in love with.

In December 2019, Pantone released their 2020 ‘Color of the Year’, Classic Blue. The victor of this highly anticipated annual announcement is described by Pantone as a “reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”. We believe (now more than ever) this relevant offering brings comfort to the strange new world we’ve all recently been introduced to, and our willingness to evoke these very emotions in our most intimate and personal of spaces reflects this. 

Within our busy and hyper-connected lives we all need a tranquil space within our home that is cocooning, nurturing and restorative. There is nothing more satisfying than retreating to your bedroom in the evening or whenever you need - who doesn’t love a sneaky afternoon siesta on the weekend!

This intimate setting offers plenty of opportunity to create something aesthetically pleasing for quality hibernation, restorative meditation, or restful sleep. 

A theme can be a powerful unifying way to start your bedroom interiors refresh, whether you prefer restrained simplicity, or plush luxury, there is a look to suit your taste.  Here, we have put together 10 key pointers to revitalise your bedroom. A guide to help you have some fun on a grand thematic scale, or just a simple weekend project update.