Pantone Colour of the year - Classic Blue

In December 2019, Pantone released their 2020 ‘Color of the Year’, Classic Blue. The victor of this highly anticipated annual announcement is described by Pantone as a “reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”. We believe (now more than ever) this relevant offering brings comfort to the strange new world we’ve all recently been introduced to, and our willingness to evoke these very emotions in our most intimate and personal of spaces reflects this. 

To dust off the history books, Pantone was founded in the 1950's as a small, New York business which manufactured colour cards for cosmetic companies, but was established as the company we know today by long term employee, Lawrence Herbert in 1962. He drove the change in direction for the company, developing the first colour matching system in 1963, which expanded upon existing colour reproduction systems such as the CMYK process. 

Fast forward to 2000 where not just the design industry, but the whole world is treated to the very first C.O.T.Y publication. ‘Cerulean Blue’ burst on the scene, beautifully depicted as “the colour of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day”, and the rest is history. 

Twenty years later it would seem we’ve come full circle in an effort to seek more restful and peaceful times. These annual selections are determined by the Pantone Color Institute, after a research team comb through a spectrum of global trends that weave their way into our lives through design, art, and experience. These are considered over a long and thoughtful process, after which our saturated superstar is born!

You may be interested to know, our design studios also draw on colour trends from many of the same industry forecasting platforms. We consider these when we build our fabric collections, ensuring relevant versions of these trends are represented in our final colour lines, making sure they’re complimentary to the brand, collection theme and most importantly our unique Australasian environment. We constantly reach to the colossal Pantone swatch books (bend from the knees!), which we use as a global reference to speak the universally recognised colour language, a crucial skill when developing colour with international mills. Colour psychology also plays a huge role in how we interpret and apply colour to these ranges, and is a fundamental consideration in our industry. 

To inspire you all to incorporate some of your own ‘calm, confidence and connection’ into your sacred spaces, we’ve come up with a few of our personal favourites from our very own range of soft textiles:

Mokum Canvas in Yves Klein Blue: A jacquard weave, inspired by the concept of bold abstract artworks that sit within minimalist interior spaces.

James Dunlop Urban in Cobalt, is a machine washable linen/cotton blend with a brushed finished. This finishing not only physically softens the fabric, but visually softens the intensity too.  

Mokum Leopardo in sapphire from our recent collaboration with Catherine Martin, is woven in a glamorous Italian jacquard with a sateen weave.

Como in Yves Klein Blue, Mokum’s beautiful new wool with a distinctive flat basket weave. Here you can see the texture breaks up and modernises the solidity of the colour. 

Magnolia in china blue is a digitally printed linen with a watercolour design allowing lots of room for colour interpretation, then tumbled for handle. 


South Beach and South Beach Stripe - these powerhouses are in no way limited to outdoor. They’re also suitable for indoor and commercial use. Creating an outdoor velvet is extremely impressive and we’re very proud of its performance capabilities in an outdoor environment. They won’t make you a cocktail but they’re not far off!

We hope you can see no need to feel intimidated or restricted by the colour of the year. It’s a fun and engaging way to start the conversation about colour, and to see what direction it takes you. 

Enjoy exploring your own interpretation of Classic Blue (or any colour for that matter) and we encourage you to play in the full spectrum of tone and texture as that’s where you will find what feels most exciting for you. Become familiar with the search function on our jazzy new website. Feel the freedom of filter by choosing a colour, brand, compositions or usage. If you can name it, you can filter it.


China Blue


Yves Klein

Yves Klein


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