Lujo Hammocks Swing into the US

The team at Lujo spotted Mokum’s Tropicalia print in one of their favorite local restaurants inspiring them to create the Tropicalia Series of the Lujo Hammock. Lujo is a New Zealand based company that has been selling direct into the US for around five years. Their purpose has always been to design a range of furniture that would inspire people to seize the small moments of tranquility – to put life on pause, even if momentarily. These premium hammocks, which are available now at Lujo US and with free shipping, provides the perfect opportunity to do just that!

As a small agile team based in New Zealand’s idyllic setting of Mount Maunganui, Lujo partners and collaborates with various designers and manufacturers throughout New Zealand to bring their collection of casual furniture to the market.  The range, especially the hammocks, have been really well received and the US now accounts for over 65% of their worldwide sales – the fastest growing market with strong year on year growth. 
Lujo was born in 2007 with the aim of designing casual furniture for everyday living that would survive in the New Zealand harsh outdoor environment, one with lots of sun, salt and rain.  The trend of treating outdoor spaces as an extension of the home is true for New Zealand as well and Lujo designs comfortable, yet enduring pieces of furniture that allures one to relax and socialize in our great outdoors.

The opportunity to design hammocks with James Dunlop Textiles was ideal to further the New Zealand-made nature of the business.   Mokum fabrics, a key brand within the James Dunlop Textiles catalogue has been selling into the US for over 15 years so it was a natural fit for Lujo.
Lujo are part of small group of companies that have chosen to keep producing in New Zealand, where they can keep a close eye on quality and workmanship, ensuring exceptional quality products every time.

Tropicalia from the Club Tropicalia outdoor range is a high performance fabric that suits both indoor and outdoor spaces and meets the technical requirements of both residential and commercial application. The fabric is durable, UV stable, bleach cleanable, fire retardant and built to last in the harsh environmental conditions of Australia, New Zealand and the US.  The added feature of Teflon Extreme, that uses Nano technology to permanently adhere the Teflon properties within the construction, is also a benefit to this product.   This provides a wicking so if any water is spilt on the fabric it will temporarily sit on the surface to allow you time to wipe it off. 
Owner Warren Twisleton says “We’ve traditionally played it quite safe with conservative plains and neutrals I think the tropical-inspired prints really add to the sense of tranquility we hope our hammocks evoke. We’ve also noticed a trend towards floral prints recently, so thought it was perfect timing for this release.”

“We’re really excited to continue our expansion into the US market. A lot of our growth is largely organic through word-of-mouth, which is great to see. We’re currently exploring some design collaborations locally and hope to be bringing some new products to market in the next 12 months to add to our expanding range.”  Warren says. 
With the focus on relaxation-inspired furniture, their range includes luxury bean bags, outdoor bean bags, hammocks, sun loungers and floor cushions. Putting the hip back into humble items from yesteryear.




Porcelain Blue


Unraveling textile testing - Pilling

Tips & How To

Pilling is one of four key topics (others include Abrasion Resistance, Seam Slippage and Colourfastness) that we are going to cover over the next few weeks to provide some background as to how we test and why.  

Test results provide us with critical information about a textile’s durability and suitability for certain applications. We externally test all James Dunlop and Mokum textiles in Melbourne at a highly reputable laboratory who are amongst the most conservative and stringent in the world, due to the extremely harsh environmental conditions we face here in Australia and New Zealand. 

We have gathered a number of frequently asked questions relating to pilling and we asked our Mokum studio designers Stephanie Moffitt and Annie Moir to share their expert knowledge.