Brighten up your Winter

Dark wet nights and cold frosty days, winter is well and truly here as we escape from work to home, to pull the curtains, light the fire then jump into our winter weight bedding.

Winter often result in deeper hues and thick bulky compositions.  It needn’t be all doom and gloom through these months though as we can brighten up our interiors with fabrics and accessories to give us a good dose of colour therapy.

Colour can be a powerful thing, it is steeped in psychology with colour specialists providing many theories on the benefits of each shade.  By tapping into the power of colour, especially over the winter months we can brighten our spaces and elevate our moods to feel just that touch more cheerful.

To help, we have picked out some colourful and energising fabrics to share, ideas for brightening up your interior spaces whether that be through your cushions, curtains, or bedding:

From James Dunlop:

PACIFIC - Specifically colours Paua and Evergreen, this fabric is a botanical inspired leaf print that exudes nature bringing the outside in.  Really give your interior a lift with curtains in this print.





ABUNDANCE – Upon looking at this print you are immediately uplifted to sunnier times.   Available in a curtain or medium upholstery fabric, Abundance is sure to bring the summer vibes into any space.  Even a cushion or two will really make a pop.



TWINING - Bursts of colour mix with detailed plant forms, overlapping and trailing. Twining is a feast to the eye inducing energy and conversation, perfect for that afternoon tea gathering.


From Mokum:

PAPILLION - Features undulating wisteria branches and playful butterflies, dancing in the breeze. Really make a statement using the wallpaper option or create a lush garden feel through your drapery.




CANVAS - Canvas is inspired by the concept of bold abstract artworks that sit within minimalist interior spaces. This abstract geometric pattern has been hand painted and makes an impressive statement.




Yves Klein

SOUTH BEACH STRIPE – Go poolside with brightly coloured stripes, inspired by the feeling of ultimate relaxation when one lounges on a soft dry beach towel.   Pair the stripe with a plain or pattern in your home.

Of course there are many other options that you can browse via our product page on our website.

Rest assured you will find the perfect pick-me-up for the cooler months!


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