10 Style tips for your bedroom sanctuary

Within our busy and hyper-connected lives we all need a tranquil space within our home that is cocooning, nurturing and restorative. There is nothing more satisfying than retreating to your bedroom in the evening or whenever you need - who doesn’t love a sneaky afternoon siesta on the weekend!

This intimate setting offers plenty of opportunity to create something aesthetically pleasing for quality hibernation, restorative meditation, or restful sleep. 

A theme can be a powerful unifying way to start your bedroom interiors refresh, whether you prefer restrained simplicity, or plush luxury, there is a look to suit your taste.  Here, we have put together 10 key pointers to revitalise your bedroom. A guide to help you have some fun on a grand thematic scale, or just a simple weekend project update.

1 - The ground work 

The building blocks of a well-functioning bedroom starts with the layout of your space.   You will either be working with what you’ve got in terms of proportion, size, scale and accessibility, or can address issues here through larger, structural changes.

  • Functionality is key - there may only be one way to position furniture, but if you have the ability to, ensure you can position the bed for the best flow.   Choosing the right sized furniture pieces is really important - you don’t ideally want to shimmy down the wall to get into bed every night - so, space on either side of the bed is not only functional, it creates emphasis for the bed.
  • Unless you are forced to, a double bed pressed against the wall can make a room actually feel smaller.
  • If you are working within a small room, or an older house without built in wardrobes, using the vertical space can be beneficial for shelving. Consider beds with space beneath the mattress for baskets or trundle boxes to keep infrequently used items and winter weight bedding out of the way. A super simple solution to reduce visual clutter.

2 - Flooring

  • Grounding the room by using a rug can help anchor the space, particularly in a space with hard floors.
  • Patterned and textured rugs provide contrast, interest, and a sense of depth and warmth.
  • Ensure you frame the bed by extending rugs at least 30cm under the bed on all sides if possible.
  • Install a lush new carpet can also help elevate the coziness of the room.  Choose the thickest underlay possible for super spongey feeling underfoot.

3 - Bedheads

  • A bedhead allows you to amplify your theme, or add much needed softness in response to your particular space.  It can be the feature element to help personalise your space. 

  • There are so many designs and finishes available from industrial metals, to antique wood, cane, modern timbers and of course upholstered which can be made to minimise or maximise space. 

  • Plush textures can add richness (velvet, boucle) or subtlety (linen, natural weaves) or drama (prints and jacquards, bold colour) and allow you to be brave – it’s not a lot of fabric after all! 

  • A slip cover bedhead will allow you to update your palette to match the season, new bedding, or just a change in style.

4 - Bedside Style

  • Bedside tables enable you to really personalise your room.  Ideally they should align to the top of your mattress. You can think outside the box and have mix and match styles, a beautiful timber chair or stool, even a stack of books. Bedsides with storage are great for hiding away chargers, hand cream and jewellery.

  • You can add some quirk to your bedsides tables with different coloured elements or styling placements. Identify items you love and that are useful (books, a lamp, scented candles).  Freshly cut flowers or plants will add vitality. 

5 - Bed and Bedding 

  • Natural fibres are the optimum for bedding.  Duvet inners comprised of wool, feather, silk or bamboo are best as they are natural insulators and temperature regulators.
  • When it comes to sheets, 100% percent cotton, linen or bamboo sheeting will provide that luxury feel and will breathe against your skin. Sheets provide an opportunity for a pop of colour without dominating the space so have fun here.

  • Layer it up with sumptuous textiles that exude comfort by adding a variety of opulent and tactile throws or quilts.

  • If you are more of a minimalist, pick a simple bed cover that reaches (or nearly reaches the floor) – a soft, natural linen covering the whole bed creates a clean look and gives volume. 


  • The sweet spot is between two and five decorative pillows depending on the size of your bed and how much time you have to make it morning and night!  Decorative pillows come in all different sizes, so mix and match from Euro pillows down to bolsters, using this as a place to play with scale.
  • Use a variety of colourful textures and add trims and fringing on hero cushions.
  • Natural feather inners are the best, the loftier the better, and ensure you’re buying from an ethical supplier.


A bedroom is never completely finished until the curtains are up and you can draw in the day.  With the vast array of curtain fabrics available, you can find something to suit your interior scheme.  

  • Consider sunlight and moisture before choosing your curtains and ensure you use the appropriate lining. 
  • Black out linings are perfect to eliminate light and ensure quality sleep, adding a layer of bumf gives you warmth taking you beyond cozy in winter. Linings also offer great acoustic properties and reduce drafts.
  • We love Mokum Couture for a luxe look or James Dunlop Laconia Air for a delicate aesthetic. Consider a trim to coordinate with accessories or add interest, or a banded/contrast hemmed curtain to incorporate some colour.


  • If you are refreshing a compact bedroom space, Roman blinds are a great addition. They are ideal for small or short windows around and they stack compactly leaving you space. It’s a chance to inject colour or pattern without dominating, and can also be backed with a thermal or blockout lining for light and insulation benefits.


  • Whether you’re a fan of soft tranquil neutrals or rich warm tones, choose colours that you naturally gravitate towards, giving you a sense of calm.

  • Using a light colour can make smaller rooms feel open, calm and inviting, or take a trip to the dark side for richness, enveloping, or dramatic effect. 

  • Add colour through artwork or a gallery wall to add interest and personality. 

  • Cinnamon, Slate, Blush, Sage, Forest, Ocean, Navy - rich or muted, all offer a solution to suit you. Prints can bring them all together and work back with plains and neutrals as a linking element.


  • For the adventurous, wall to wall pattern can be extremely effective.  If you love a maximalist look or a statement pattern, there are plenty of gorgeous options to select.

  • Equally for a more subdued aesthetic, there are plenty of textured or plains papers that can look beautiful, offering the gentlest of surface interest.


10 - Let there be light

  • Hanging bedside pendants create a chic look with the benefit of not taking up space on your coveted bedside tables. Statement lighting, either modern or traditional creates drama and interest.

  • Functionally, dimmers are a great way to control your main light source. Diffused, soft light will help in lulling you to relaxation as you prepare to rest. 

  • Controlling your light at the bed allows you to read with minimal disruption to the light in the rest of the room.

  • Mirrors can bounce light around the room and add a sense of space. Try a dramatic wall mounted option, or lean a simple, modern design against the wall.

Coco Chanel famously said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. It’s the same with styling - you CAN overdo it - so revisit with fresh eyes and take away one surplus item. Restraint is everything! 

Have fun experimenting, and enjoy your reinvigorated bedroom sanctuary. Namaste!

Image Credits: Thread Design 


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