Inspiration for Club Tropicalia

We asked Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director about the Studio’s inspiration for the latest collection, Club Tropicalia, she helpfully provided context to the theme of Visual Optimism. 

Q. What lifestyle changes have you followed in developing this outdoor range of fabrics?

S.M. We are seeing a lot of transitional design happening where furnishings need to be agile to suit indoor and transitional spaces.  Areas where you’re on the periphery of the house while still getting the intensity of the outdoor conditions. In response to this, Mokum has brought the key themes from the indoor range into the outdoor space.  

People are wanting to thematically link these spaces.  They want the comfort of the indoors within their outdoor living spaces.  This was the goal for the collection while speaking to our theme of ‘visual optimism’.  Where joy is created via form, function and colour, creating a sense of optimism through vibrant, intense or more feminine colours.   

Applying curves and softer shapes and using more saturated colours in outdoor textiles are the perfect opportunity to be brave.  Our high UV-resistant fabric means strong saturated colours can now sit in the intense sun while still maintaining their performance attributes.

Q. You seemed to also have borrowed from some earlier thematic design successes?

S.M. Tropicalia was featured in the last collection (Majorelle by Catherine Martin) and proved extremely popular.  With its Miami-vibe, the design pays homage to iconic textiles from the last 100 years where the range had a leopard print, a tiger, and a 50s inspired palm print. 

When designing this outdoor range we thought the successful La Palma pattern suited an outdoor construction while achieving our idea of bringing nature into the outdoor space via colour, particularly green shades and foliage.


Q. Overall the products in the Tropicalia collection have a fantastic handle for outdoor textiles, tell us more? 

S.M. We are also seeing a trend for tactility.  Mokum has responded to this through the idea of dimension created via weave, as shown with Miami. 

Seen in the high end market we have made this available an affordable price point where it can be used in commercial projects. Miami has a beautiful soft handle is available in 12 colours and meets all commercial standards.

The South Beach velvet is 100% SD acrylic pile. Available in 22 colours and woven in Italy, it has a polyester backing and Extreme Teflon.  It has a soft luminosity on the pile and looks very contemporary and plush.  It is totally suitable for the outdoors!  

We carried out an extreme weathering test (5 month light fastness where they replicate humidity and rain) and it passed with flying colours. 

The coordinating stripe is available in six coordinating colour ways is inspired by luxury beach towels.  This fabric has the same performance attributes as the velvets and great hospitality potential.  Very fun and playful.

You can see the full Club Tropicalia range here.

Trace chair in Tropicalia - Gliver

Trace chair in South Beach - Palm Leaf

"In repsonse to this, Mokum has brought the key themes from the indoor range into the outdoor space."

With summer on the horizon, Mokum alongside Australian outdoor furniture design house, Tait, have come together to celebrate the southern hemisphere’s latest and greatest in outdoor design. In a collaboration celebrating Australian design, the collections saw effortless assimilation to create ‘An Australian Outdoor Story’.