La Primavera, Italian for spring

The Mokum design studio share insight into the inspiration behind their latest collection, La Primavera.

Pinned on our cork board since the fruition of our La Primavera collection is the infamous Primavera painting by Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. Hanging in the Uffizi gallery in Florence, this highly documented piece was a source of inspiration to the naming of our latest collection;  a beautiful depiction of Spring, celebrating nature, fertility and femininity.

IMAGE: Primavera by Sandro Botticelli

The La Primavera collection was inspired by the concept of visual optimism, a lifestyle and design movement that is gaining momentum especially in the high end. Visual optimism is all about cultivating joy through the colour, form and function of our visual environment. It’s such an honest concept, as having beautiful colour in your home does create a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Another key trend to the La Primavera collection is the idea of creating an environment of Wellness in the interior space.

Worldwide, the wellness movement is exploding and the interiors industry is responding. We see this through the adoption of universal trends, such as in Europe where greenery and plants are enjoyed in abundance throughout the home during the winter months. An antidote to the gloomy grey outdoors and a trend that has spread internationally across all climates. Infusing inspiration from nature into the interior space is said to improve one’s physical and mental wellbeing. We always look to Mother Nature for inspiration, she’s the ultimate muse for shape, colour and beauty. La Primavera is a celebration of nature and colour with its saturated palette and hand painted flora and fauna.

When researching new collection ideas, we seek inspiration from high end fashion for both palette and motif references, however seasonal fashion trends are often braver than the interior industry, so we reinterpret these trends to suit our industry and the Mokum brand philosophy. We endeavour to create textiles that are both timely and timeless. You’ll see on our collection vision board there is an abundance of floral shape, colour and embellishment – we have seen these brave trends emerge in fashion overtime and in the last year or two they have really come to the fore.

IMAGES: La Primavera vision board and Gucci

While we were visiting our Italian mills in the Prato region we stayed in Florence over the weekend and were lucky enough to visit Gucci Garden, a museum showcasing the Gucci archives and a showroom representing their homewares line. It was so inspiring to be immersed in this sensory overload of pattern, colour and texture. You had beautiful florals sitting within rooms papered in hand painted De Gournay wallpapers that came to life through a projection of birds and butterflies dancing around the room. For us it was really exciting because it reinforced that we were on the right track with embracing this concept. It was a very intense, albeit beautiful, environment so we were mindful to take inspiration from this vibrant concept but recreate it in a way that is indicative to how we live in Australasia, which is more paired back and relaxed.

IMAGES: Gucci Garden, Florence

Our La Primavera collection speaks to an international design movement which embraces femininity through curvacous form and a romantic palette. An aesthetic being embraced by all genders in both high end fashion and interiors. The feminine design movement, is irrespective of gender – what we’re talking about is femininity as a design concept and that’s about form and shape. You’ll see a lot of archways in interiors and curves in furniture, a lot of nineteen seventies influence in furniture design and volumetric textiles for added dimension and texture. When we talk about feminine design we also speak to a more feminine colour palette, we all know about the abundance of pink which is now evolving into warming tones of peach and terracotta. The fashion industry has really embraced this concept of genderless femininity, with people embracing femininity in pattern and colour regardless of gender and this has now moved into the interior space. Pink is no longer confined to the little girl’s room, it is now widely used in both residential and commercial interiors in all aspects of the space, often considered to be a warm neutral tone.

IMAGES: Sketch, London

During our latest trip to London we visited the iconic restaurant, Sketch. The Gallery, designed by India Mahdavi and featuring artwork by David Shrigley, is an apt representation of visual optimism and the feminine design movement which strongly inspired Mokum’s La Primavera collection. An abundance of millennial pink, plump blush tulip chairs and curved banquet seating in sumptuous mohair velvet, rose gold finishes and marbled herringbone floors - delicious!

The stunning furniture and lighting featured in our La Primavera photography is by Stylecraft Home, with pieces created by the talented Australian designers, Ross Gardam and Tom Skeehan. Ross’s upholstered pieces are designed and made within Australia and beautifully compliment the textiles. They were very much in line with our collection theme, with their gorgeous curved lines and modern aesthetic.

The La Primavera collection is also an evolution of our previous collection, Pure, which was about creating wellness in the home through building a sanctuary, albeit via a more minimalist approach, layering neutrals and comforting textures. La Primavera is about continuing this concept but amplifying it by bringing joy into the interior space through colour, comfort and optimism.


On Trend - June 2019

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