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"We want to share our years of fabric experience so everyone can understand the basics when it comes to soft furnishings and fabrics."

Elegant and thoughtful; striking and daring; lush and leafy; bold and colourful; calm and serene. Creating successful home interiors is part design magic and part functional excellence and we have developed a wealth of knowledge over our many years in the business.  

We want to share our fabric insights so everyone can understand the basics when it comes to soft furnishings and fabrics.  So whether you are new to all of this, or maybe you just need a refresher, we strive to provide something for everyone. Browse the topics below to find helpful tips and advice to ensure you get a great end result.

Pilling is one of four key topics (others include Abrasion Resistance, Seam Slippage and Colourfastness) that we are going to cover over the next few weeks to provide some background as to how we test and why.  

Test results provide us with critical information about a textile’s durability and suitability for certain applications. We externally test all James Dunlop and Mokum textiles in Melbourne at a highly reputable laboratory who are amongst the most conservative and stringent in the world, due to the extremely harsh environmental conditions we face here in Australia and New Zealand. 

We have gathered a number of frequently asked questions relating to pilling and we asked our Mokum studio designers Stephanie Moffitt and Annie Moir to share their expert knowledge.

The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, and as a child there is nothing more exciting than to have all of your favourite things set out in you room whether that be numerous soft toys lined up on the bed, brightly patterned bedding and cushions, stacks of your favourite books, knick-knacks and trinkets galore, and pictures of unicorns, dragons and rugby heroes posted across the wall.

What our children love from a décor point of view and what the parent might like are sometimes quite different!  To manage some of this less desirable décor, ensure you start with a design plan in mind, talking if over with your child/ren to ensure the room will look cohesive and considered – and ultimately enjoyed and loved by them.

Here are our top 5 tips for styling kids spaces:

“Which way does the stripe run?” One of the most frequently asked questions we receive both in our showrooms, and over the phone. It is a question that can be easily confused, especially when interpreting fabric specifications from a small sample and how that translates to a roll of fabric.

A ‘pill’ or more commonly known as a bobble, fuzz ball, or lint ball is a small ball of fibres that form on the face of a piece of fabric.  It is caused by abrasion on the surface and is considered unsightly as it makes fabrics look worn.

“Our unique environment impacts on our lifestyle and shapes the way we live. Kiwis and Aussies are often regarded as relaxed and “easy going” – there’s a casualness to how we live, speak and design and this is reflected in our preferred colour palettes too.” - Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director

Curtains can completely transform an interior space, adding impact, privacy and comfort. It’s an age old saying that a window unfurnished is a window unfinished. But when designing custom made curtains there are a lot of decisions to be made throughout the process. The first task is specifying the fabric, this specification needs to be based on aesthetic, performance and budget requirements.

As part of the specification process you need to resolve the appropriate heading style. This is how the fabric is sewn or pleated at the top of the curtain, and it will have a direct impact on the way in which the fabric will drape or hang as well functional characteristics such as stack back (the amount of space a curtain will occupy when fully drawn open).

There are a wide range of heading styles available, not only do they provide functional characteristics but they will also greatly impact the look and feel of the room; whether the space takes on a traditional or more modern sensibility. 

Below we discuss the 6 most popular heading styles across Australia and New Zealand as outlined by our clients and we summarise appropriate fabric choices for each. 

Wherever you live in the world, it’s fair to say we all endure some amount of damaging sunlight into our homes. Especially here in Australasia where we have especially large windows and invite an indoor outdoor lifestyle where our interiors bleed seamlessly in to our outdoor spaces. 

A perfect backdrop for all other shades and finishes, black and white are a perfect pairing, one reflecting all wavelengths of light, the other absorbing it – the very absence of visible light. Technically neither are colours, though that in no way makes them boring.