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"We want to share our years of fabric experience so everyone can understand the basics when it comes to soft furnishings and fabrics."

Elegant and thoughtful; striking and daring; lush and leafy; bold and colourful; calm and serene. Creating successful home interiors is part design magic and part functional excellence and we have developed a wealth of knowledge over our many years in the business.  

We want to share our fabric insights so everyone can understand the basics when it comes to soft furnishings and fabrics.  So whether you are new to all of this, or maybe you just need a refresher, we strive to provide something for everyone. Browse the topics below to find helpful tips and advice to ensure you get a great end result.

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Look, we have to be honest, curtain linings are not the sort of thing that will blow your hair back with sheer delight. It’s sort of hard to get excited about a functional item like this – a bit like getting excited about a new water heater, carpet underlay, or new gutters…! It’s usually the face fabric, the star of the show at the window that brings the pizazz, colour or texture to a space, with lining tucked in behind, performing the admirable duties of light blocking and fabric protecting.

However these are virtues to be celebrated as they help us make bolder decisions about the drapery fabrics for our spaces. They are also not what linings once were, and many now have the capacity to stand alone as a super practical drapery in their own right, heralding a new era for a previously much maligned fabric category.  Prepare to have your hair blown back boys and girls…

Noise is a daily occurrence that we all endure to a certain degree from noisy kettles, screaming children, loud TVs and the deafening thud of a bass. There’s sometimes little peace in ones day. Ongoing excessive noise is not only aggravating it can actually be harmful to your ears and has a significant impact on the way our spaces work in the home.

The year 2020 has been like no other and for local Auckland business Uren Barsal their business has steadily diversified, instigated by COVID19. We saw Kind Face™ launch in March with linen face masks followed by natural heat packs, travel pillows, door stops and draught stops and now the introduction of a beautifully designed eye mask. 

A triple weave or dimout fabric is an advanced construction utilising three interwoven layers. The centre layer is the key element within a triple weave as it uses a black yarn. This black yarn allows only a small amount of light to pass through and aides in insulation.