Just Relax, with Kind Face

The year 2020 has been like no other and for local Auckland business Uren Barsal their business has steadily diversified, instigated by COVID19. We saw Kind Face™ launch in March with linen face masks followed by natural heat packs, travel pillows, door stops and draught stops and now the introduction of a beautifully designed eye mask. 

Natural Eye Mask - Victoria

Natural Eye Mask - Victoria

Filled with New Zealand grown flax seeds and calming dried lavender flowers, the weighted eye mask conforms to the face to block out light and apply soothing pressure around the eye orbit where you can choose to warm or chill the mask. Feedback so far is 100% positive, with some customers saying they have been struggling to fall asleep or reach a deep sleep and the Kind Face™ eye mask has genuinely helped.

The clever button design means there is minimal pressure on the eyeballs with comforting therapeutic relief from niggly pains such as migraines, sinus, eye strain, tension headaches and puffy eyes. Constructed in luxurious Mokum Satori linen, the eye masks are a beautiful piece for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for someone who needs to de-stress from their busy lives.

Available online for $37.90 at www.kindface.co.nz – use coupon code YARN for free shipping in New Zealand. There are five fabric options to choose from and like all Kind Face™ products, your Natural Eye Mask is designed to appeal to three key senses; Touch, Smell and Sight. It also satisfies a very important fourth sense - Common Sense.

Relax, Soothe… Recharge

Relax, Soothe… Recharge

Proudly designed and made in New Zealand to be kind on the environment and economy. Natural and New Zealand made materials are used wherever possible, and minimal packaging – but where required, this will either be home compostable, fully recyclable in New Zealand or at least reusable for another purpose.

Uren Barsal are also looking to build a select set of retail partners for Kind Face™ products in 2021. If you have or know someone with a retail presence who values beautifully designed and crafted New Zealand made items, then get in touch with Chris on chris@urenbarsal.co.nz




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