Outdoor Fabrics that Perform

In this blog Stephanie Moffit, Design Director of Mokum gives us some insight into the technical requirements of outdoor fabric.

Here at Mokum we develop fabrics with predominately European mills who are used to producing fabrics for less intense sunlight. The harsh light in New Zealand and Australia however means we have to desaturate or make colours more complex to suit our conditions.

The consumer expects more from our textiles and products in this part of the market. Our homes are open, we transition between spaces so we need more robust constructions.    Mokum works with mills that offer a sophisticated colour line that allows us to meet the needs of our harsh conditions. 

Mokum works with specific types of yarn: either solution dyed (SD) polyolefin or acrylic so it can withstand the environment. SD means the solution is dyed before the yarn is extracted from the dye, there is colour all the way through.  You get an incredible UV resistance as the colour is fully resolved through the yarn.


Mokum prefers working with polyolefin because it has a fantastic rub rating and excellent pill rating.  It’s flexible enough to be used for commercial, residential, indoor or outdoor use.

The outdoor velvets are made of acrylic in order to get that plushness and with this construction you don’t have the issue of pilling plus the benefit of inherent fire retardancy for our market.  

Tropicalia and the two velvets in the range have Extreme Teflon that uses nano technology to adhere the Teflon more strongly to the substrate.  This provides a wicking so if any water is spilt on the product, it will sit there allowing you to wipe it off.  They are all easy care, spot cleanable and washable. 

Our polypropylene constructions that don’t have Teflon coating are quick drying and easy care also.

To find out more about our outdoor fabrics or the Club Tropicalia range go here.



The harsh light in New Zealand and Australia means we have to desaturate or make colours more complex to suit our conditions.


Inspiration for Club Tropicalia

Trend & Inspiration

We asked Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director about the Studio’s inspiration for the latest collection, Club Tropicalia, she helpfully provided context to the theme of Visual Optimism.