More vibrance by Bluebellgray

The Peggy & Medina collections by Bluebellgray are vibrant collections with drapery and upholstery fabrics that explore the growing landscape around the Scottish Borders. Key features include deep blue inky tones that reflect the ever changing sky and block colours that evoke aerial views of fields from above. Fresh and modern fabrics that will add joy to your interior. 



Delicate herbaceous flowers and botanical stems in the Corran design, beautifully capture Bluebellgray designer Fi’s love for blue and white. Layers of deep cornflower blue to the lightest, translucent pale blue, reflect the ever-changing shades of the sea and sky. A fresh take on a classic colour combination in signature Bluebellgray style.

Drapery: Corran colour Cornflower


The Cactus fabric features a vibrant colour palette of the inky blues, coral pinks and bright teal shades that resonate with the medina and gardens in Marrakech. This design sits perfectly in simple rooms and layered with contrasting prints and block colours alike.

Upholstery: Cactus


Hidden amidst the busy streets of Marrakech, Le Jardin Secret is thriving with plants and trees. The shades of green combined with the teal tiles inside the grounds inspired Bluebellgray designer Fi to create the Botanical design.

Drapery: Botanical


Stylised bold inky brushstrokes create a contemporary look, Big Pomegranate is perfect for layering Bluebellgray's colour palette and pairing with signature abstract and floral prints.


The Blue Skies fabric features inky watercolour marks and bold expressive brushstrokes. Deep tones of blue and teal come together to create a dramatic statement, evoking the ever changing Scottish sky.

Drapery: Blue Skies


Our first floral velvet fabric, the Wee Peggy fabric features Bluebellgray designer Fi’s signature watercolour style. A true colour study for the season, Wee Peggy creates a contemporary new floral with jewel teal delphiniums, navy foliage, pops of pink carnations, chalky coral botanicals and fresh chartreuse ferns.

Cushion (Left): Peggy colour Midnight


Colourful abstract block shapes in super scale, watercolour brushstrokes create a contemporary statement, Colourist was designed specially to celebrate the launch of Bluebellgray’s new flagship store in Glasgow.

Drapery: Colourist


Inspired by block printed textiles, Tom creates a contemporary, coordinating pattern of soft geometric shapes. Perfect for layering in with signature larger scale Bluebellgray prints.

Drapery (left - right): Koko Carnival, Tom


Sienna’s vibrant and lively design reflects the energy of the medina and markets in Marrakech, taking inspiration from the beautiful coral pink walls which surround the city. Bluebellgray designer Fi’s painterly marks and chalky details make Sienna a signature abstract design.

Upholstery: Sienna colour Cerise



Sanna’s oversized florals and inky transparent tones, ombre into the fabric. The inky blues and teals are reminiscent of the deep hues of the sea at the most westerly point in Scotland, Sanna Bay. The soft pinks, pops of chartreuse and dusty orange floral centres give this design a varied multi-coloured palette.

Drapery: Sanna


The Marrakech fabric depicts a typical scene, evoking the serenity of Marrakech’s hidden tranquil corners in a deep cobalt blue, colour palette.

Drapery: Marrakech


The Grande North Garden design features super scale, jewel toned anemones and delicate delphiniums, creating a real design statement. Depicting a stunning, wild Scottish garden, the inky watercolours mixed with pencil and chalk create a beautiful signature floral.

Bluebellgray was launched in 2009 by Fiona Douglas; her love of colour and all things floral inspired Fiona to create beautiful, hand drawn, water colour designs. Based in the bright and colourful bluebellgray studio in Glasgow, Scotland, Fiona hand paints every design.

View the Peggy and Medina collections on our website, visit one of our trade showrooms or contact your Account Manager if you'd like more information on this vibrant collection. 


How to - Choose the Right Lining

Tips & How To

Windows play a major role in controlling the temperature within a home. During winter it is easy to lose heat, and in summer it is easy to overheat a home if windows are not appropriately covered. Professionally fitted, lined drapery can reduce window heat loss by 40-60% when closed*. Working all year round, lined drapery is an important tool in creating a thermal insulation barrier. 

In the next topic for our blog series – An Educational Yarn - we look at the advantages, types and options of drapery lining.