Serenity by James Dunlop

The Serenity collection by James Dunlop is designed to create a place of calm energy, to revitalize and restore. Inspired by the soothing qualities of colour and texture discovered in nature.

A range of semi-sheer draperies, developed through print, weave and texture, the Serenity collection creates an environment, where you can take solace from the pressures of everyday life, taking pleasure in doing nothing, but contemplating and enjoying the beautiful haven of the home.



Inspired by the delicate and temporary nature of ice crystals, Arctic is a soft geometric melting into the fibres of the weave. Printed on a semi sheer linen capturing the nature element of the design.

Drapery - Arctic colour Icicle


Becloud conjures up an image of a summer’s day, a gentle breeze blowing and the soft clouds drifting by. The design is a layered print on a semi sheer linen, creating a tranquil effect.

Drapery - Becloud colour Nile


Three layers of woven yarn create a soft and timeless construction. The illusion of a nature linen weave, surrounded by a fine voile gives a harmony between the layers, and a gentle flow to the fabric. The quality is 100% polyester with a certified FR rating.

Drapery - Illusion colour Linen


Fine contrasting yarns follow the contours of the construction, giving movement and calm to a beautifully constructed plain. Shades of greys, moody blues, warm golds and calming greens complete a delicately orchestrated design.

Drapery - Murmur colour Spring


An organic textured weave, drawing inspiration from hand spun, woven textiles. Semblance focuses on the simplicity of the yarn, creating the simple pleasure of a single element within the design.

Drapery - Semblance colour Gilt


A strong geometric design with a subtle statement through the use of softened tonal contrast. Specter is printed on a soft, semi sheer polyester.

Drapery - Specter colour Delft


Tidal creates a handcrafted aesthetic with the use of an organic textured yarn placed carefully throughout the construction giving dimension and interest. Toned in natural shades of linen, with a hint of grey and green, creating a balanced play between the yarns.

Drapery - Tidal colour Spring

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Tea House by James Dunlop

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The Tea House collection by James Dunlop brings old world charm back into today’s modern living by reinventing luxurious fabric designs. Inspired by the ritual of sharing tea and fueled by a resurgence in the global craft movement, Tea House is a collection of colourful patterned print designs with a traditional royal velvet.