Pure by Mokum

Luxury is evolving from what we own to how we live. Mokum's latest collection is distilled in essence and freed from superfluous detail to focus on simplicity in form and function. 

As an antidote to today's overloaded lifestyle, this collection inspires tranquillity through minimalist design, with a focus on layering beautiful plain textures.

The Pure collection features luxury plain textured upholstery and drapery designs to deliver diverse constructions in both natural and synthetic blends. This foundation of minimalist inspired weaves is paired with a single bold abstract, which has been carefully woven as our statement pattern.

With a nuanced palette of light and dark neutrals as well as soothing barely tinted pastels the Pure collection offers pure and refined textiles for residential and commercial application.



Canvas is inspired by the concept of bold abstract artworks that sit within minimalist interior spaces. The collections plain textured upholsteries lay a clean foundation on which to showcase this statement design. This abstract geometric has been hand painted, over scaled and woven on a commercial heavy duty substrate reminiscent of canvas material. Four stunning tonal combinations include a grey-based graphite, clean monochrome, a nude blush pink and a bold cobalt blue. This strike of colour is welcomed against the collections soothing palette of neutrals. 

Screen - Canvas colour Nude. Chair - Strata colour Whisper Pink, Fat Tulip chair by Nau Design. Cushion - Minimalist colour Whisper Pink. 


Inspired by the irregular surfaces of etching artwork, our Italian upholstery features a subtly broken geometric with intricate binding detailing. A quintessential Mokum blend of fibres, with a Teflon finish, Etching is both beautiful and practical. 

Drapery - Etching colour Chalk, Bigola 3 Seat Sofa by Nau Design.


Craftsmanship and tactility continue to gain importance in interior design to counterbalance the digital screens that dominate daily life. A focus on texture encourages mindfulness, slowness and reflection. Handloom is an exquisite example of artisanal textile craft. This divine heavy textile is hand woven in India and will be loved by those who appreciate the beauty of its inherent imperfection. 

Drapery - Handloom colour Linen


Hessian is a tactile sheer with an organic heavy linen yarn that floats within a fine transparent polyester warp. The designs raw surface is juxtaposed by its elegant and flowing drape. Woven in three refined shades, colour Black Birch showcases the designs subtle wood patterning.

Drapery - Hessian colour Black Birch


Our stunning new Italian wool blends heavily slubbed linen yarns to create a unique melange aesthetic. Minimalist carefully combines both natural and synthetic fibres to offer an upholstery fabric with the look and handle of pure wool and linen but with the added performance benefits of nylon and acrylic.

Chair - Minimalist colour Duck Egg Blue. Bower Meeting Lounge High Back by Nau Design.


Our deconstructed geometric is inspired by origami and woven in a complex construction creating areas of subtle transparency. Woven in pure Italian linen in a perfect off white shade, Miro offers a subtle abstract window treatment suited to both rustic and contemporary schemes.

Drapery - Miro colour Chalk


The perfect coordinate to upholstery plain Piet. Mondrian features a specialty space dyed yarn, woven randomly throughout the heavy ground to create a transitional pattern, reminiscent of painter Piet Mondrian’s famous abstract grid artworks. Blending both natural and synthetic fibre, Mondrian is a sumptuous luxury textile appropriate for commercial application.

Daybed - Mondrian colour Blanc. Bigola Daybed by Nau Design.


The ultimate blend of natural and synthetic fibre. Piet is a sumptuous thick upholstery plain, woven in Italy and appropriate for commercial application. This luxury textile pays homage to Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, regarded as one of the pioneers of 20th century abstract art. Piet is available in a clean monochromatic duo of Noir and Blanc. 

Cushions - Piet colour Blanc, Minimalist colour Whisper PinkSofa - Strata colour Linen. Fat Tulip Sofa by Nau Design.


The namesake of our collection, this purist plain epitomises beauty in simplicity. Woven in Italy, this refined and streamlined upholstery features a Teflon finish making Pure the perfect luxury plain in which to layer the rest of the collection on.

Chair - Pure colour Pumice. Loom Armchair by Nau Design.


Rhythm is a soft lightweight semi sheer, evoking a sense of balance and rhythmic movement within the home. This wide width drapery treatment offers a calming window treatment in a refined palette of neutral hues. Blending the slubby aesthetic of natural linen with the improved stability of polyester.

Drapery - Rhythm colour Terrazzo


Named after rocky landscapes, this highly tactile upholstery is woven in Italy in both tonal and contrasting colour combinations. With a focus on the products core purpose, Strata is highly durable, being suitable for commercial upholstery whilst maintaining stunning residential appeal.

Chair - Strata colour Whisper Pink. Fat Tulip Armchair by Nau Design.

View the Pure collection on our website, visit one of our trade showrooms or contact your Account Manager if you'd like more information on this luxurious collection.


Pink Ribbon Lunch

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May is breast cancer awareness month, so we went pink for the day and hosted our first ever Pink Ribbon lunch to support the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.