Perspective by James Dunlop

Life imitating art – the Perspective collection is drawn from the beautifully precise pottery of celebrated New Zealand artist and designer John Parker.  

The emotion and form of Parker’s ceramics has been admired, embraced and reinterpreted utilizing cutting-edge textile technology. From the richness of colour to form, function and clean lines, John Parker’s art creates a mood and atmosphere found throughout this collection.

Anchored by a range of high quality plains, the prints, geometrics and highly textured constructions provide the Perspective collection with a distinction of being practical, while providing a uniqueness of design and visual quality that enhances room settings. Perspective’s combination of textural and reflective fabrics are simultaneously beautiful and functional, while the highly textured fabrics present layers of depth, both real and imagined.

Upholstery: Contexture colour Jade / Accessories: Contexture colour Jade, Smoke, Mineral & Sulphur / Ceramic: Lattice Bowl by John Parker 

John Parker

John Parker is one of New Zealand’s most innovative and celebrated potters. For fifty years he has looked for fresh ways to push the boundaries of clay production, break rules and redefine what it means to make pottery. Throughout his career, he has favoured the simple lines and clean edges of modernism.

John Parker has always defied convention, designing perfectly detailed hand thrown shapes to his perspective and exacting standards. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (Geneva) and was made an Arts Laureate by the NZ Arts Foundation in 2010.


The Perspective collection draws inspiration from the Cause and Effect retrospective Exhibition celebrating the creativity and evolving directions of John Parker’s 50-year career. Firstly, His experimentation with light and dark, positive and negative. Secondly from a process where he creates a perfectly refined piece, then covers it with rough texture, obliterating the perfection, but allowing glimpses through the unformed exterior into the perfection underneath.

Ceramics: Vortex Ware Still Life by John Parker


Drawing inspiration from Parker’s still life series, Aspect takes the solid form and recreates the aesthetic into a liquid state, while retaining the core lineal design elements. The result, a beautiful sheer quality using yarn variation to create a subtle geometric design. Aspect is produced in a 100% polyester giving durability and commercial application.

Drapery: Aspect colour Winter / Ceramic: Crawled Bowl by John Parker


Soft and floating are the two words which come to the fore when describing design Balance. A plain drapery quality, with a beautiful handle giving the fabric strength, which flows like liquid.

Drapery: Balance colour Parchment / Upholstery: Entwine colour Granite / Accessories: Simplicity colour Mineral & Mercury


John Parker’s Lattice Bowl is created with intricate layering, taking the eye on a breathtaking journey of texture overlapping with form and precision. Contexture has drawn on the complexity of the piece embracing and recreating the effect, resulting in a fascinating abstract formation of pattern and soft texture.

Upholstery: Contexture colour Jade / Accessories: Contexture colour Jade, Smoke, Mineral & Sulphur


John Parker’s still life series provided inspiration and reconfirmation, for a geometric to sit comfortably in the Perspective collection. Clean lines, with strong contrasting colours create strength within this small geometric pattern, with a high quality textured yarn adding dimension and depth.

Upholstery: Effect colour Jade / Accessory: Contexture colour Jade


Entwine reflects on the rough volcanic-like finishes demonstrated in Parker’s stemmed bowls series.  This heavily textured plain, retains a soft handle with the texture and dimension emphasized by cross-dyed colourways.

Upholstery: Entwine colour Granite  / Ceramics: Vortex Ware Still Life by John Parker


Interlace completes the Perspective collection and is representative of the core strength and inherent modernism found within John Parker’s works.

A linear construction, utilizing innovative weave techniques produce the illusion of depth and a third dimension to the design. Clean lines and simple form reinforce the timeless strength, building on the luxury quality. A subtle colour palette emphasizes the form and scale. Produced in a 100% Polyester giving durability and commercial application.

Drapery: Interlace colour Whisper 


Raw organic texture, teamed with a contemporary weave, provides Limit with a handcrafted aesthetic, inspired by Parker’s range of heavily textured porcelain pieces. A neutral colour palette is achieved with tonal yarn shades, and the use of charcoal. High quality yarn, a soft handle and finished with a stain repellency, ensures Limit meets the needs of today’s modern living.

Upholstery: Limit colour Mineral / Accessories: Simplicity colour Mineral, Mercury & Whisper


Inspired by John Parker’s work, Crawled Bowl. Reveal mimics the crackled and weathered surface of the porcelain piece, revealing the strength and stability of the base cloth. Charcoal, mid grey, deep blue and a warm neutral provide the finishing touch to a raw design.

Upholstery: Reveal colour Oasis & Smoke


Linen yarn is rich in history and speaks of timeless elegance. One of the oldest known fibres to be woven into cloth, Simplicity is a drapery linen, woven with textural interest, providing an added dimension to a beautiful plain.

Drapery: Simplicity colour Sage / Upholstery: Contexture colour Jade / Accessories: Simplicity colour Mercury, Riverstone & Mineral


Inspired by John Parker’s work, Black and Agate Penetration. Viewpoint imitates a lineal watercolour with free-flowing lines moving across the fabric, in and out of focus taking on another shade or colour. Printed on a subtle twill weave providing visual layers to the design, while shades of indigo, teal and mineral greys complete the visual journey.

Drapery: Viewpoint colour Nile / Upholstery: Contexture colour Jade / Accessories: Contexture colour Jade, Smoke, Mineral & Sulphur

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