FibreGuard Pro: World class in healthcare & hospitality

"Long-term, FibreGuard Pro is kinder to your bottom line because there is rarely cause to engage a commercial cleaner when, for example, a patron spills coffee on the seat."

FibreGuard Pro embodies the inherent stain protection of FibreGuard, with additional water-repellent and anti-microbial technologies. These properties allow it to shine in the high-traffic industries of healthcare and hospitality, where accidents are frequent and cleanability is a priority. 

Whether your hospitality business is a motel, hotel, café, or restaurant, the overheads are high. Unlike other easy-to-clean fabrics, the stain-resistant finish of FibreGuard is permanent for the life of the fabric. This means that the stain-free properties in our fabrics will not deteriorate after washing or prolonged use and with proper care, they will withstand the most punishing treatment in any commercial setting. 

The yarns are coated with an anti-microbial solution that acts as a barrier against stains. The anti-moisture membrane is flexible and breathable, it creates hydrophobicity across the surface and is bonded to the fabric during manufacturing and finishing. Liquids and bacteria are unable to attach themselves to the yarn or the upholstery foam, protecting FibreGuard Pro from mildew and bad odours caused by accidental spills. 

Long-term, FibreGuard Pro is kinder to your bottom line because there is rarely cause to engage a commercial cleaner when, for example, a patron spills coffee on the seat. The staff can remove the stain with misted water and soap, while the breathable layer on the fabric’s surface prevents the spillage from seeping into the upholstery foam, where smells can become trapped and revisit you on hot days.

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In high-needs areas of aged care facilities, such as dementia wards, FibreGuard Pro is ideal for furnishings. While many moisture barrier fabrics can feel rigid and rough, FibreGuard Pro’s anti-moisture membrane is both flexible and breathable, so you don’t have to choose between function and style. 

Ensuring the comfort of patients is paramount in healthcare. While government healthcare facilities specify vinyl, elective medical treatment clinics and aged care facilities favour comfortable fabrics that evoke the feeling of being pampered. Comfortable where it counts is the motto of FibreGuard’s Research and Development team, who work hard to ensure their fabrics are soft and inviting to the touch, but don’t let that fool you: they’re also tough and resilient. A match made in practicality.

The modern designs of FibreGuard Pro ensure that you, your staff, and visitors will have peace of mind knowing your furniture is easy to clean, reduces the spread of germs, and is aesthetically pleasing.

The specifications of Residential Villages have changed as the journey from home to hospice has expanded. Because of the technology behind FibreGuard, the neutral, light colours most people have in their homes can now be utilized in these environments where big, bold patterns or dark colours previously dominated. Likewise in hospitality, architects can specify a beautiful, natural aesthetic because FibreGuard provides confidence that upholstery will stay clean.

Being Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certified FibreGuard Pro fabrics guarantee not to release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the environment. It is a long-term investment that treats your bottom line and the environment kindly, making it a safe choice across two of our core industries, healthcare and hospitality.


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FibreGuard promises to produce beautiful textiles from fibres to yarns to fabrics. Three core design elements ensure beauty is realised aesthetically through the visual effect and distinctive softness; technically through the performance standards and structural excellence; and inherently through permanent stain-on-stain resistance technology.

FibreGuard’s inherent stain-resistant technology is unique in the textiles market. Engineered by textile scientists to create world class fabrics, FibreGuard is subject to customised testing procedures created by Labotex, and an independent textiles laboratory.

In the creation of easy clean fabrics with stain-resistant properties, Labotex specialist technicians test the fabrics’ performance against a range of ISO standards. ISO standards are set out internationally by experts such as manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers, and trade associations to assess the best way to make products, manage processes, deliver services, or supply materials.