FibreGuard: Inspired by life

Our homes are multipurpose; over the past two years our living rooms have doubled as the home office, kids’ playroom, restaurant, cocktail bar, and dancefloor. FibreGuard fabrics shine in this everything-environment because of their unmatched functionality, a foundation we craft our designs on and at James Dunlop, we’re inspired by life. 

Technical & Design Developments

FibreGuard is permanent. Its stain-free properties are inherent in the fabric and won’t diminish after washing or prolonged use because they are engineered from the inside out, by interior designers and textile engineers who sought to create a range of fabrics capable of withstanding the rigours of everyday life. The result is an unwavering confidence to live on our furniture, knowing the fabric will withstand whatever life throws at us.

The growing number of construction and yarn types that can be engineered with FibreGuard properties removes the historical weave constraints which accompany topical surface treatments. Gone are the days where stain resistant fabrics feel like flat canvas.

Once we are confident the fabric is fit for purpose, we focus on curating the colourline to ensure we deliver a palette that feels both timely and timeless, spanning comprehensive neutrals through to vibrant, decorative shades

Within our FibreGuard range you’ll find dimensional bouclé (Staunch, Fete), tactile chenille (Poker, Trezor), organic weaves (Keystone, Omni), plush velvet (Determination, Vela), faux wool (Braveheart), and geometric patterns (Trailblazer, Gala, Celeb, Feast). 

Residental & Commercial Applications

As James Dunlop is primarily a residential brand, our FibreGuard range builds on our upholstery offering to transition between residential and commercial specifications. Over the last decade, commercial spaces have adopted more residential schemes, promoting luxurious and comforting environments that feel familiar as people seek a ‘home away from home.’

Elegant, plain woven textures with a soft, comforting feel are utterly timeless, when paired with high performance attributes they are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas. Our FibreGuard upholsteries have seen an extraordinary uptake because they provide permanent stain resistance, are easy clean, and are available in a wide range of trend driven constructions and colours that never compromise on beauty.

Light neutrals and soft nuance shades create a calming, balanced environment within interior design and no longer need to be banished due to fear of maintenance. FibreGuard instils confidence in specifying a crisp white sofa. It allows you to relax, knowing the nature of the fabric is easy clean and guarantees protection against all common household stains.

Vela & Poker

James Dunlop’s latest FibreGuard upholsteries, Vela and Poker, feel particularly sophisticated. 

Vela is a dry velvet with a soft handle and matte finish which is reminiscent of a perennial cotton velvet but woven in 100% polyester. Alternatively, Poker is a plush chenille upholstery, woven with a dry slub yarn to create its organic texture. To deliver products that enhance the durability of the FibreGuard technology, and are both pretty and highly practical, our FibreGuard upholsteries reflect the beauty and texture of natural fibres but are predominantly woven in synthetic or blended compositions.

Vela has the added benefit of being inherently water repellent, causing spills to ‘bead’ on the surface until they can be blotted up with a paper towel. Poker is anti-microbial and odour resistant, providing an extra level of security by reducing the spread of bacteria on the surface of the fabric by up to 90%. You can expect to see this anti-microbial feature in all new FibreGuard designs moving forward. 

Both have an incredibly soft handle and are available in an extensive palette of timeless neutrals and rich decorative shades, catering to the current movement towards optimistic colours, promoting wellness, restoration, and positivity within interior schemes. Vela and Poker are a dash of opulence in the growing collection of James Dunlop FibreGuard upholsteries.

At James Dunlop we see our FibreGuard designs as both the foundation from which to layer patterns onto, and the final element that pulls a scheme together, creating timeless interior design solutions either way.


Surface | The desert as muse

Products & Collections

“As soon as I saw it, I knew I must have it," O'Keeffe said of Ghost Ranch, her adobe brick home near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It took a decade for O’Keeffe to renovate the Abiquiú home where she spent her summers. The textural, soft edges of the sun-baked abode brick are complimented by natural materials, found objects, and sparse, considered furnishings. The inherently modern, minimalist aesthetic of Ghost Ranch transcends momentary trends and continues to influence contemporary interiors. 

Building on the Ikigai philosophy for a life of simplicity where joy is found when looking outside, the Mokum Studio present a custom colour palette focused on dusted desert shades and warm neutrals.