Closing the imagination gap

“We close the imagination gap by digitally creating photorealistic quality images of furniture and curtains, in all fabrics, colours and applications”

Have you ever wondered what our fabrics would look like on a piece of furniture or as a curtain?  Do you struggle to imagine it?  We call this the imagination gap. 

To help bridge this gap, we at James Dunlop Group (JD Group), have invested in creating high quality digital copies of our physical fabrics. Capturing every thread and fibre so that we are able to create and provide you with photorealistic digital imagery across an extensive range of fabric designs and colourways, through 3D rendering. 

In talking to our customers and their clients, it became clear that during the interior design process there is a tangible barrier between understanding the design concept and visualising it in the client’s actual home - the imagination gap. So, with this in mind the JD Group embarked on a journey to provide a range of photorealistic imagery to bridge the gap of what is, to what could be. 

To achieve this, JD Group’s Digital Services team have taken physical examples of soft furnishings, creating the digital 3D shape and covering them with our digital fabrics and other textures. The result is high resolution digital images of furniture and curtains across a range of fabrics, in every imaginable colour. 

In order to bridge the imagination gap, providing colour variation was an important step as it is incredibly difficult to visualise colours on a large scale. A limitation that often means clients shy away from anything perceived to be too dramatic and bold. Our photorealistic digital images removes the guesswork from the equation, so that designers and their clients can clearly visualise their selected fabrics on furniture and curtains from the comfort of their own home. 

“We need to help people see the potential of their design decisions, visualise what could be, close the gap from what currently is to a vision of the future space.”


Digital visualisation is our way of providing customers and clients with confidence in their initial selection and in combination with our physical fabric swatch samples offering a compelling sales package. No longer do you have to commit to producing or sourcing a physical sample, spend time manipulating the colours of previous photoshoots and imagery or imagine that special furniture piece from a 20cm fabric swatch. Our photorealistic rendering solution is a cost effective way to visualise a range of furniture and drapery pieces across various fabric designs in an array of colour options. 

The James Dunlop Textile’s website illustrates a few ways in how these digital images can be used. Our product pages are populated with a collection of standard furniture and curtain digital images, wrapped in our fabrics, in all colourways. This helps customers see what a fabric would look like at scale, as well as providing the ability to zoom in and see the texture of the fabric up close.  

We also provide the ability to see what our fabrics would look like on our customer’s furniture, we call this function the Visualiser.  The Visualiser gives designers and customers the ability to select from a range of designer furniture pieces with a variety of fabrics and colours realistically rendered.  While our trade customers can embed this Visualiser function into their website, providing a virtual storefront of their products that they can market to their consumers.

Get in touch if you’d like the JD Digital Services Team to help bring your product to life through photorealistic digital images.

Our Digital Visualisation Services are also not limited to product imagery. We can also create photorealistic room scenes, a digital “photoshoot”, using high quality models of furniture products including sofas, chairs and beds. Imagine that specific room in a specific setting with specific furniture upholstered in a specific design and a specific colourway all at your fingertips. 

From photorealistic product images to complete room scenes, digital visualisations are incredibly powerful content for your website, social media channels, catalogues and advertising. All of our digital imagery can be used across all online and print media channels.

Get in touch with our Digital Services Team or click here for more information on our Digital Visualisation Services.

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