USA's favourite fabrics

"As with any region there are styles, textures and colours that prove more popular than others and this can be due to such things as lifestyle, sunlight, climate and environment to name a few."

It’s been 15 years since Mokum launched in the US market and over three years for our James Dunlop range. We are thrilled at how receptive the US market has been to our differentiated product offerings and our contemporary design aesthetic.

Here we outline the top fabrics from both Mokum and James Dunlop that are popular in US homes and commercial environments.

Vienna on a banquette at Amazonita

Vienna on a banquette at Amazonita


  1. Mokum Alpaca Velvet – Often comparable to a mohair which the US loves due to its luxury nature, Alpaca Velvet is a great substitute due to its dense, non-directional pile. It is available in a range of beautiful jewel tones, charcoal greys and pastels.   There really is a colour choice for every taste and Alpaca Velvet being a commercial upholstery is very durable and robust. It looks fantastic on curvaceous furniture.
  2. Mokum Bespoke -  Bespoke is loved because it has a high pile and a soft handle.  It has an antiqued chenille like finish and comes in a range of colours including midnight blues, charcoal greys, creams and pastels, all the colours lend themselves to luxury design.  The lustrous look is achieved through the surface pattern that makes this a very forgiving velvet so you won’t get bruising or shading.  Its robust characteristics means this fabric suits residential and commercial projects. 
  3. Mokum Sahel – A Mokum classic, Sahel is an Italian chenille upholstery, woven with a blend of natural and synthetic fibres for enhanced performance. It has a stain repellent finish and a soft and timeless palette.   Heavy in natural fibres but protected by the stain repellent treatment, Sahel is in its fifth year in the US market and designers love its ability to link their interior schemes together.
  4. James Dunlop Palacio FR – A luxury velvet which meets the demands of commercial and residential living. The dry cotton look finish offers understated sophistication. This design is available in 28 beautiful colours from jewel tones to soft pastels.  Palacio FR is constructed with inherent FR yarn and is suitable for drapery or upholstery use.
  5. James Dunlop Vienna - A velvet that meet the demands of the modern home. Vienna offers a dry cotton look, a luxurious handle and the durability of 100% polyester. It has an extensive colour palette and is suitable for drapery and upholstery in home and commercial environments.
  6. James Dunlop Chateau - A velvet that is suitable for home and commercial environments, Chateau is available in a range of colours to meet any scheme. It can be used for drapery, upholstery, top of bed and accessory purposes. 
  7. Mokum Souk - Another Italian upholstery which offers an elegant range of natural and some darker shades, this fabric transitions from one end of the colour spectrum to the other.  An architectural motif provides diverse texture depending on your chosen shade.
  8. Mokum Tahiti – This practical polyester plain has been recoloured recently to include an extensive palette of mineral shades, fashion driven mid-tones and comprehensive neutrals. The recolour features an added performance benefit of being engineered with FibreGuard, ensuring this soft chenille textile is extremely easy to clean and has been developed to withstand the rigors of daily life.


  1. Mokum Ocean – A double wide drapery with a nice textural affect created through the weaves and colour placement, a very relaxed look in a range of colours.

  2. Mokum Satori Stonewash – This design is available in double width and in dusty earthy tones.  The stonewash creates a tumbled effect and gives it a lovely movement across the face.  Satori Stonewash can be used for top of bed, drapery and light duty upholstery.

  3. Mokum Eternal - Popular in the US as it is a 100% piece dyed plain linen which is both timeless and contemporary. The artisan finishing process of enzyme washing provides a heavenly tumbled handle and sophisticated antique surface interest. An extensive palette of 35 colours gives Eternal an offering of core neutrals, subtle organic hues borrowed from Mother Nature as well as fashion driven feminine tones with a paired back, dusty aesthetic. 

  4. Mokum Shoji – Very useful for windows that get a lot of sun.  Shoji offers the look of a linen and the additional benefit of being 100% FR polyester which means it is a robust drapery at the window and will not fade easily in full sun.   The two-toned yarn provides a relaxed and minimalist look that the US market love.

  5. Mokum Shalimar – Taking its name from the renowned exotic Shalimar gardens in India, this deconstructed floral drapery has been embroidered onto a linen base cloth then transfer printed in abstract washes of colour onto the stitched areas only. Available in three colours this unique drapery is sure to please.

  6. James Dunlop Envoy – With it’s beautiful organic appearance and subtle colour variation throughout the weave this faux linen drapery is very popular with our US market.  It is woven in 100% polyester and at 320cm wide Envoy has established itself as a core drapery product.

Outdoor fabrics

Many designers in the US are defaulting to high performance fabrics for upholstery as the attributes of high durability, a soft handle, anti-microbial, machine washability and bleach cleanability along with sometimes a stain repellant finish means that these constructions offer a lot of benefits to designers in their projects.

  1. Mokum Tropicalia - Part of the Club Tropicalia collection, Tropicalia is the hero of the collection which uses the La Palma design from the Catherine Martin for Mokum Majorelle collection on a high performance fabric construction. Many of the La Palma colours have been used again but a new unique midnight blue has been created which is proving popular with US designers.
  2. Mokum South Beach - South Beach delivers the luxury of a plush velvet in a resilient, high performance construction suitable for outdoor and/or indoor environments which require high UV resistance and easy care properties. The vibrant, sundrenched shades provide a luxurious look and the heavy duty attributes offer the ideal solution for outdoor furnishings.
  3. Mokum South Beach Stripe - The latest outdoor stripe has a poolside look and is inspired by the feeling of ultimate relaxation when one lounges on a soft dry beach towel. South Beach Stripe offers a transitional design, playful palette and commercial indoor/outdoor attributes.

If there’s a time to cocoon, it’s now.

Trends & Inspiration

Ensuring our home is a space of comfort and sanctuary is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing. An interior environment that radiates calm will help to provide clarity from the demands of the day.

With the current uncertainties outside of our homes, one thing we can all agree on, is we need to find or create the space within our homes to feel nurtured and comforted. A brilliant way to explore this, is with textiles. 

For many of us, textiles unwittingly create the foundation on which we shape our surrounding space into a reflection of ourselves. Be it a rental or our forever home, textiles set the stage for our personalities to emerge, spaces to become functional and a story to evolve. 

Let’s begin with what we consider to be three of the most important considerations when specifying textiles to cocoon within the home: Function, Texture and Colour