New James Dunlop fabric now with FibreGuard

"Proven to be both stain-resistant and long-lasting, FibreGuard fabrics are engineered from the inside out."

The latest addition to the James Dunlop textile family now comes with the ultimate in stain-resistant protection – FibreGuard. Renown to be best in class for its easy cleanability, durability and soft handle, FibreGuard textiles can also be trusted to be safe for everyone in the home. 

The inherent FibreGuard protection is the result of years of research and testing by interior designers and textile engineers and we a thrilled to be able to offer eight new fabric designs from the James Dunlop range that can stand up to the demands of daily living.

There is no need to worry about rubbing away the stain resistant technology – it is permanent.  That’s right, even a stain on top of a stain can be spot cleaned with a clean cloth and water. For more niggly stains, 20% hand soap to 80% water will see the stain dissolve away.

FibreGuard fabrics are soft to the touch and provide a level of luxury that no other stain resistant fabric can offer and the easy to clean nature of the fabric means you can easily maintain your upholstered furniture year after year.

And, for those of you who are looking for an environmentally friendly stain resistant fabric, FibreGuard is the answer.  With Oeko-Tex certification, FibreGuard stain resistant fabrics will not release any harmful chemicals into your home, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

The following upholstery James Dunlop fabrics are available now and suitable for your soft furnishing needs:


Trailblazer is a classic, two-toned herringbone textile design woven in contrasting yarns for added dimension and sophistication. The colour palette offers light and dark neutrals, alongside bold hues of red, emerald and ink to suit both modern and traditional interiors.

Trailblazer is woven in 100% polyester with FibreGuard stain-free technology and has a divine soft handle, making it a perfect solution for both residential and commercial furnishings.


A timeless, tailored basket weave upholstery fabric featuring FibreGuard stain-free technology. An iridescent mélange warp is woven with soft chenille to create subtle lustre and a soft handle. In a palette of comprehensive neutrals and mineral tones, Aviator will suit both residential and commercial furnishing schemes.


Omni is a textured plain upholstery fabric woven to create an aged, antiqued aesthetic. The organic colour palette of warm neutrals, mineral tones and deep charcoals lends itself perfectly to mid-century furniture. Woven in 100% polyester with FibreGuard stain-free technology, Omni is suitable for both residential and commercial furnishings.


A lustrous chenille plain woven textile, perfectly suited to both drapery and upholstery application. Yarn dyed for added complexity, Trezor gives the appearance of a natural heathered fabric. The colour palette spans light and dark neutral, fresh mineral tones, sunbaked golds and terracotta with a pop of raspberry red. Trezor is a blended composition of polyester and cotton, featuring FibreGuard stain-free technology and has a divinely soft handle.


Wilderness is a timeless, flat basket weave with a beautiful soft handle. Woven with a mélange weft yarn to create subtle dimension, Wilderness offers a balance of core neutrals and playful decorative shades. This versatile textile is perfect for both drapery and upholstery and features FibreGuard stain free-technology for added performance.


Staunch offers an extended colour palette to James Dunlop’s Atmosphere, from the Fusion collection. This yarn dyed boucle offers soft tactility and dimension to both lineal and curved furniture frames. Woven in 100% polyester with FibreGuard stain-resistant technology, Staunch achieves local FR ratings and has been carefully coloured to transition across both residential and commercial palettes. The colourline includes sophisticated neutrals alongside autumnal tones borrowed from nature.


A new multi-purpose velvet with an elegant soft drape and lustrous polyester pile. Carefully constructed to meet heavy duty upholstery requirements with FibreGuard stain-resistant technology, Determination offers versatility across both upholstery and drapery. Available in 35 shades, the palette includes trend driven warm neutrals, soft decorative mid tones and bold theatrical shades perfectly suited to velvet.


A soft and sumptuous faux-wool classic textile with FibreGuard stain-resistant technology. Warm neutrals and mineral shades sit alongside playful jewel tones, making Braveheart a perfect solution for both residential and commercial furnishings.

See the full James Dunlop FibreGuard range here

Earlier this year, acclaimed Australian stylist Nat Turnbull was engaged to deliver a visually engaging photo shoot for a collaboration between furniture makers Stylecraft and award-winning furniture designer, Elliat Rich

The collaboration of the two designers comprises a credenza, floor light and rug, with a common line, form, and movement delivering a beautiful continuity. The collection, named ‘Different Thoughts’ explores the idea of what connects one person to another, and translates this concept into three dimensional forms.

Nat Turnbull interprets this philosophical approach in a visually engaging way and looked to Mokum to round out her creative vision for the shoot.  A flowing soft drapery solution saw Mokum Ombre Blush as the ideal solution to amplify the mood, palette and forms present within the work.

We thought it would be particularly interesting to put the microscope on the styling aspect of the beautiful images Nat produced, as styling is such a unique skillset, rich in capacity for storytelling that exercises a special skillset. As such, we reconnected with Nat to understand a little more about her process and what it lends to these types of collaborations.