Inside the Studio | James Dunlop’s Top 10

Rhea Culliford, formally trained in design at Massey University in Wellington, graduated in 2010 with a background in fashion design and tailoring. Rhea spent most of her early career working in the fashion industry refining her technical expertise. In 2015 she decided to make the shift to textiles, joining the team at James Dunlop.

We have asked Rhea from the James Dunlop Studio to highlight her top 10 favourite James Dunlop textiles.
Rhea: The James Dunlop brand has a wonderful range of textiles that truly stand the test of time. Whether developing artisanal linens or high preforming polyesters, timeless design is always at the forefront of our minds. We are extremely lucky to work with such incredible mills from all over the globe who help us to transform our creative vision into high quality weave.
When sourcing design inspiration for the James Dunlop brand we look close to home. Our lush native bush and coastal landscapes have a large influence on our colour palette and design aesthetic. How we live in Australia and New Zealand, with our relaxed antipodean lifestyle, also hugely influences our design sensibility. We like to bring influence from the outdoors in.  
It’s been a hard ask to narrow down my list to only ten but here I go...


100% Linen | 290cm wide | Yarn dyed 
A firm favourite of the James Dunlop brand, Kyoto is a timeless linen quality which has been airo finished for a divine soft handle. Yarn dyed to add depth and subtle texture through tonal colour. Available in 15 colourways including soft muted neutrals, natural linen tones and shades of blue.
93% PL, 4%CO, 3%VI | 300cm wide
Finely textured and airy, Mira is created with three layers of woven yarn. The design is delicately coloured in soft greys, whites and neutral tones, with a simple stripe design balancing colour and construction.
100% PL | 320cm wide
Coastal adopts a colour palette of soft neutral tones to reflect the sand, stone and shells of the seaside. Constructed to replicate a slubbed linen aesthetic in 100% polyester yarn providing the added benefit of durability.

100% LI | 138cm wide
A modern interpretation on the traditional floral. Leila resembles a soft watercolour, subtly layering floral motifs with background silhouettes. Coloured to reflect the fresh hues of spring and printed on 100% linen base cloth.
100% PL | 290cm wide
Three layers of woven yarn create a soft and timeless construction. The illusion of a natural linen weave, surrounded by a fine voile gives a harmony between the layers, and a gentle flow to the fabric. The quality is 100% polyester with a certified AS1530.2 FR rating.
69%PL, 20%LI, 11% VI | 297cm wide
Inspired by nature's narrative; Pacific continues this established trend of bringing the outdoors in. Digitally printed, layered palm leaves create the base of the design while strong tonal hues gradually soften to form a gradient style print. A coastal palette reflects colours from the sea to the sand in four stunning colour ways.





65%LI, 35%VI | 140cm wide
A much loved essential plain; design Soho weaves high quality linen and viscose yarn into a durable upholstery weight fabric. The colour palette of Soho has been recoloured and enhanced to highlight its rustic palette incorporating new fashion colours. Relaunching August 2020.
100% PL | 140cm wide
A velvet to meet the demands of the modern home. Vienna offers a dry cotton look, a luxurious handle and the durability of 100% polyester. An extensive colour palette, complimenting the diverse print offers of the Tea House collection. Suitable for drapery and commercially FR rated upholstery.
21%PL, 29%CO, 50% VI | 138cm wide
Contexture embraces complexity via layering of texture. By weaving chenille yarn into an abstract pattern, the result is a luxuriously tactile upholstery design, perfect for a statement piece in the home or as an accessory.
63% CO, 37%PL | 137cm wide
The quintessential houndstooth weave has endured centuries of use and reinvention across fashion, accessories and homewares. Heritage remains true to the classic duo tone textured pattern while adding a sharp contemporary edge to the colour palette. Shades of neutral, navy, green and black complete the timeless colourline.


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