For the love of Velvet

“The feeling that velvet exudes is one of tradition and luxury”

When we think of velvet we might imagine a lush dense fabric such as floor to ceiling drapes in an ornate and traditional setting, or it could be a fabulous armchair that you just want to run your hands over. Either way, the feeling that velvet exudes is one of tradition and luxury. 


James Dunlop

Velvet has a rich history and has been around for thousands of years. This opulent and luxurious fabric was once reserved for royalty, however due to modern manufacturing methods it is nowadays readily accessible for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Velvet’s recognisable textural quality will add softness and warmth to any space from drapery through to upholstery and accessories.

Characterised by its luxurious pile, velvets can be made from a variety of fibres ranging from natural compositions such as silk or cotton, through to complex synthetic blends. Its soft shine, that makes it unique, comes down to the pile which is very short and dense.

Velvets are produced by effectively weaving two fabrics together on a special loom, face-to-face joined by the warp-pile thread. This combined fabric is then separated by a knife edge as the fabric comes off the loom and wound onto separate finished rolls. 

Many effects are possible, for example the pile may be left erect or it may be laid in one direction to give it a lustre. Generally, velvet used for drapery application is manufactured with the pile facing up as aesthetically, this will give you a deeper and more intense colour, and functionally any pile disturbance will disappear quickly as the pile relaxes. Alternatively, when using velvet for an upholstery application, it is most common to use the pile in a downwards orientation to give the furniture a smooth and consistent appearance.

At James Dunlop Textiles we offer an extensive range of velvet options in both drapery and upholstery solutions. Here we highlight some of our most popular velvets from across our brands:

James Dunlop

  • Vienna - A velvet to meet the demands of the modern home. Vienna offers the dry cotton look, a luxurious handle and the durability of 100% polyester. An extensive colour palette suitable for drapery and commercially FR rated upholstery.
  • Chateau - A stunning velvet with a subtle sheen and textured pile, perfect for heavy duty upholstery and luxurious drapery.  Chateau offers a diverse colour palette that incorporates both classic and on-trend colours.
  • Palacio FR - A luxury velvet with inherent FR yarn that is suitable for drapery or upholstery use in commercial and residential settings. With a dry cotton look finish, Palacio FR is available in 28 colours, from jewel tones to soft pastels. 
Vienna by James Dunlop

Vienna by James Dunlop


James Dunlop


  • Alpaca Velvet - The non-directional pile of Alpaca Velvet looks fantastic on curvaceous furniture and is available in a range of beautiful jewel tones, charcoal greys and pastels.   There really is a choice for every taste with this commercial grade upholstery.
  • Bespoke - A much-loved velvet because it has a high pile that is non directional and offers a soft handle.  It has an antiqued finish available in a range in a range of colours from midnight blues, charcoals and creams - a very rich colour palette that lends itself to luxury design.  The lustrous look is achieved through the antiqued surface pattern that makes this a very forgiving velvet so you won’t get bruising or shading.  Its robust characteristics means this fabric suits residential and commercial projects.  


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Bespoke by Mokum

Bespoke by Mokum


Catherine Martin by Mokum


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It’s been 15 years since Mokum launched in the US market and over three years for our James Dunlop range. We are thrilled at how receptive the US market has been to our differentiated product offerings and our contemporary design aesthetic.

Here we outline the top fabrics from both Mokum and James Dunlop that are popular in US homes and commercial environments.