Fabrics for healthcare & hospitality

The unique nature of healthcare facilities and hospitality interiors require fabrics that meet the highest overall standards.

Around the world, the requirements for the healthcare and hospitality sectors, when it comes to textiles are purposefully strict and it’s for a reason, to protect those within these spaces.

High volumes of people / foot traffic, personal and organisational hygiene, food preparation and fire safety are just some of the considerations when selecting fabrics for these industries.

Let us introduce you to the fantastic attributes offered through our high performance healthcare and hospitality grade fabrics:

  • Easy cleanability - inherent stain resistance protection ensures spills and stains are easily wiped away
  • Anti-microbial - finishing techniques ensure mildew and bacteria can’t attach to the yarn or foam
  • Odour Control - easy stain removal and moisture control means odours are kept at bay
  • Moisture Barrier - liquid and stains can’t seep through, they wick, making them easy to wipe off, flexible and breathable fabrics
  • Heavy use durability - tested and approved for commercial application in the heaviest traffic areas of a development
  • Passes all commercial tests and certifications - stringent heavy duty testing for abrasion, strength, flammability, stain resistance moisture barrier, resistance to microbial growth, cleanability, colourfastness and more

To help you with your Commercial project we have available the following high performance fabric brands for Healthcare and Hospitality Specification: 


Building on FibreGuard’s stain free technology, FibreGuard Pro offers anti-moisture, mildew and odour resistance and anti-microbial properties due to its unique finish, ensuring moisture is unable to move through the fabric.

The anti-microbial solution applied during the fabric production and finishing gives FibreGuard Pro extra security from mildew and bad odours caused by accidental spills. Liquids and bacteria are unable to attach themselves to the yarn and protects the upholstery foam from moisture making FibreGuard Pro the perfect choice for environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels and restaurants.

Many moisture barrier fabrics can be rigid and rough, FibreGuard Pro ensures the anti-moisture membrane is both flexible and breathable - making the fabrics soft to the touch and well suited for residential settings too.

Hardworking in every sense, FibreGuard Pro fabrics are not only moisture-resistant, they stay strong and odour-free for longer.  Fully washable to 30 degrees, the unique fabric properties are maintained throughout the washing process and life of the product.  

FibreGuard Pro offers the complete solution to keeping fabrics soft and inviting in high traffic spaces, and through multiple washings.   

Added Oeko-Tex certification provides the peace of mind that the fabric will not release any harmful finishes or chemicals.

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Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House supports families when their child is in a hospital away from home. A recent makeover to the reception space resulted in Sojo Design specifying FibreGuard Pro. Due to the high foot traffic and the nature of a hospital-like environment, the reception seating had to meet the requirements for a commercial healthcare grade project.

See more on this project here.


Engineered on a molecular level, Crypton offers ultimate performance in a range of colours. It resists stains, it beads liquids, and rejects odours and bacteria. 

Each fibre is encapsulated with technology what will not wash away.  These qualities are permanently bonded to the fibre resulting in long lasting easy to clean high performance fibre.

Crypton fabrics must pass through heavy duty testing before manufacture, passing minimum tests for heavy duty abrasion, strength, flammability, stain resistance, moisture barrier, resistance to microbial growth, cleanability and colourfastness and more.

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Summerset Ellerslie

Summerset Ellerslie

Summerset Ellerslie

Crypton fabrics were specified within the entry and common spaces in the 2018 fitout of this luxury retirement village in Auckland.  These high traffic spaces called for fabric that was easy to clean while still looking amazing.

See here for more.


Technically and aesthetically designed to suit a variety of commercial and residential spaces, Platinum Guard is a high performance upholstery fabric available in complimentary designs with coordinating colourways.

Platinum Guard fabrics feature an impenetrable moisture barrier ensuring that spills can be quickly cleaned and the upholstery foam is always protected.  The easy cleanability ensures the limitation of bacteria and microbial growth and an ability to put the fabrics through a light cool machine wash.

Rigorously tested for durability and fire retardancy, Platinum Guard fabrics are trusted for high use areas in hospitality, education and aged care. With a high Blue Scale UV rating, Platinum Guard fabrics are also resilient in high sunlight areas. 

With comfort and practicality in mind, the Platinum Guard collection offers carefully constructed compositions that provide a tactile and friendly feel while maintaining high performance features.

Oeko-Tex Certified, Platinum Guard fabrics are free from harmful levels of PFOS, PFOA, Heavy Metals, Phenols, Phthalates and Formaldehyde.

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Te Omanga Hospice

Te Omanga Hospice

Te Omanga Hospice & Regency Home and Hospital 

Te Omanga Hospice and Regency Home and Hospital specified Platinum Guard for their health/aged care facilities for its hygiene attributes – the brilliant moisture barrier ensures quick clean-up of liquids and spills while still feeling soft and comfortable.


In conclusion, if you require a specialist high performance fabric for the healthcare or hospitality sector, you can rest assured we have the right product for you.  

Please contact our sales team or showroom for more information. 

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KindFace – The evolving local brand

Products & Collections

You may recall the piece we wrote about a local manufacturer, Uren Barsal and their super quick innovative spirit during lockdown in April. An Auckland-based soft furnishing manufacturer, Uren Barsal, quickly needed to adapt in the changing climate to ensure the business, and more importantly the staff had work.

The introduction of the popular Kind Face masks to their soft furnishings product range has been a success with steady sales.  Now with the global COVID-19 resurgence, especially across the Tasman, international orders are ensuring the mask category for Kind Face is productive.