Collections Overview – March 2020

As the summer days start to cool down, we find ourselves staying indoors that little bit longer.  Enveloping ourselves and our homes with textiles that offer warmth and comfort.  

The February - March new releases offer a wide variety of comforting curtain fabrics, textured upholstery and inspirational wallpapers to move you into the Autumn/Winter seasons.

James Dunlop Essentials

Design Coastal adopts a colour pallet of soft neutral tones to reflect the sand, stone and shells of the seaside. Woven to reconstruct a slubbed linen look aesthetic in 100% polyester yarn providing the added benefit of durability.

Dryland reconstructs the traditional raw silk aesthetic in 100% polyester. Yarn dyed to create texture and dimension through weave and colour. Presented in 14 colour ways ranging from neutrals tones to pops of greens, blues and rust.





James Dunlop

Geneva FRParallel FR
Offering versatile digital print designs on a triple weave base cloth. Light reduction, washable, noise reduction, and affordability are properties, which make these designs suitable for both residential and commercial application. The complementary designs pair a subtle texture with a contemporary geometric and include tonal colour ways of greens, blues and greys.




Inspired by natures narrative; design Pacific continues this established trend of bringing the outdoors in. Digitally printed, layered palm leaves create the base of the design while strong tonal hues gradually soften to form a gradient style print. A coastal pallet reflects colours from the sea to the sand in four stunning colour ways.
Design Chateau has been recoloured and relaunched with an extended colour pallet including nine new fashion colours. Adding a touch of luxury, texture and subtle glamour to any room setting, Chateau velvet is must have, on trend textile.





Designs of the Time

Inspiration for the new Fuego collection was found in South America where the subtle tones of the earth meet the vivacious lifestyle of the indigenous people. From their vibrant dances to the rich flavours in their kitchen - South America relights your inner fire like no other place.

Fuego combines rich materials and artisanal processes with the quintessential South American colour palette. Soft neutrals and spicy hues of red, green, blue and yellow come together in a unique array of textures for the home. Blends of linen and sustainable hemp make for a breezy feel that is light as the wind. Rougher, more densely woven qualities resemble the raw untreated nature and spirited character these fabrics were inspired by. And the innovative additions of pure virgin wool and luxurious velvet embody the soft hearted, untouched character of the elements.

Fuego is not your ordinary pick, but it’s diverse enough to find a home in every kind of lifestyle - both for minimalists and lovers of bold choices. Whatever your interior, Fuego will spark a fire in your home and in your heart.

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The different designs in the “Cuba” collection originate from the patterns and shapes of exotic plants, the style of objects crafted using ancestral knowledge, the vast and exceptional landscapes, with a sometimes deliciously vintage accent.  The  colours  are flashy,  on  high-quality  papers  with  finely  wrought  finishes.  Heavy-weight, non-woven structure finished with a vinyl surface, the wallpapers are also textured giving depth or over-printed for a truly beautiful result. They wrap the walls in positive energy and generosity, catching the light and the atmosphere of a room, making the furniture and decorations sing a soft, seductive and rhythmic melody.
Beauty Full
When beauty is fully revealed, covering an entire wall with an extraordinary decor, a breath-taking landscape or a hypnotic pattern. A close-up of a natural element or contrastingly an immense panorama, an intricately detailed design like a work of art, with clever shading and abstract textures... 

The “Beauty Full Image” collection is overflowing with creative ideas and images to contemplate, to create an extraordinary atmosphere in a room. It takes its inspiration from 8 beautiful themes as stunning as they are fascinating : plant life, workshop, multi-coloured geometric, floral, travel, materials,  street  art  and  architecture,  to  invent  and  achieve  any  decorative  desire.  Created for  high-ceilinged  rooms or those with less lofty dimensions, the different patterns have been imagined to suit all interiors.

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