La Primavera by Mokum

"visual" adjective: of relating to seeing site: a visual image
"optimism" noun: the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in this world

Italian for spring, the La Primavera collection by Mokum is inspired by visual optimism; a concept whereby joy is cultivated in the colour, form and function of our visual environment.

Visual optimism is a positive lifestyle movement gaining momentum in both high end fashion and interior design.

Infusing inspiration from nature into the interior space is said to improve one’s physical and mental wellbeing, Mokum’s latest release is a celebration of nature and colour with its saturated palette and hand painted flora and fauna.

The Peonia and Papillon textiles and wallpapers set the tone of this collection, embracing feminine form and a romantic colour palette, inspired by fashions present floral fixation. Topiary is a modern take on traditional quilting, using matelassé technology to create a contemporary upholstery which coordinates with our extensively coloured, new Italian plains; Allium, Como and Prato. The collection is made complete with four new wide width drapery designs, a stunning subtle ombre print and three beautiful yet functional plain weaves.

The studio has also re-coloured two Mokum classics; Couture and Hollywood, which both sit contently alongside this collection.

“With each collection we seek to expand on our current offer of textiles and wallpapers via pattern, construction and palette. Our goal for the La Primavera collection was to embrace a more feminine design aesthetic via floral motifs, curvaceous form, and decorative colour.” - Stephanie Moffitt, Mokum Design Director

The Collection


French for Butterfly, Papillon features undulating wisteria branches and playful butterfly’s, dancing in the breeze. Expertly hand painted in washes of contemporary colour and unexpected combinations, then digitally printed to capture the watercolour effect. This highly decorative print is available in three alluring colourways and sits on a soft cotton chintz; Papillion is Mokum’s ode to classic print, recreating a traditional floral artform through a modern lens.


Two Papillon colourways have been digitally printed onto pre embossed paper based vinyl to offer a stunning wallpaper treatment for both residential and commercial application. The scale of the textile has been captured through printing onto 68.5cm wide roll. The faux linen emboss adds further dimension to this feminine, hand painted artwork.


In response to the global ecological threat of rapidly declining bee populations we have designed a beautiful new print featuring blooming peonies and busy bees. The flower laden peony branches and whimsical bumble bees have been hand painted and digitally printed onto softly tumbled 100% linen. Peonia has been carefully custom coloured in a decorative yet subtle residential palette, in three exquisite colourways.




All three of Peonias refined colourways have been digitally printed onto pre embossed paper based vinyl to offer a coordinating wallpaper design for both residential and commercial application. The scale of the textile has been captured through printing across two 68.5cm wide rolls to make an A and B set. The faux linen emboss speaks to the linen ground of the coordinating textile and adds further dimension to this dramatic and decorative print.


This enchanting new wide width sheer features a seamless ombré to encourage a sense of fluidity and movement at the window. Custom coloured in an edited palette of romantic pastels and one perfect neutral, this 100% polyester sheer is a transitional drapery treatment suiting both residential and commercial spaces.


This new wide width semi sheer is as beautiful as it is technical. The shabby open weave construction sits within a fine transparent pocket weave to create invisible stability. With the organic aesthetic of slubby linen, in a predominantly synthetic composition, Kensho is a robust window treatment in a palette of sophisticated neutrals and suited to both rustic and contemporary schemes.


To shelter you from the storm….Tempest is a beautiful lightweight semi sheer, evoking a sense of calming movement at the window. This wide width drapery treatment is custom coloured to offer a balanced palette of sophisticated neutrals and dreamlike pastels. Predominately polyester but with the look and feel of a finely woven soft cotton, Tempest is a practical and well-priced drapery which doesn’t compromise on beauty. 


Continuing Mokum’s love affair with wide width linen, Obi Stonewash is a rhythmic multi-purpose linen which has been expertly stonewashed and tumbled to create it’s divine texture. Yarn dyed to offer further dimension, this 100% linen has been custom coloured in a refined palette of neutrals and chalky pastels.


Mokum’s beloved Couture has been reinvigorated with a stunning new colour palette. Introducing eternal shades of Blanc and Noir as well as fresh grey based neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades. Couture’s new palette offers both dramatic showstoppers as well as feminine midtones. This glamourous wide width drapery has a touch of stainless steel giving it a dimensional hammered finish, making it perfect for contemporary installations.


Celebrating beauty in simplicity, Allium is the perfect plain in which to layer the rest of the collection upon. Woven in Italy, Allium is a quintessential Mokum blended composition with a subtle lustre and features a stain repellent finish, for enhanced maintenance. In a custom coloured palette of decorative shades plus a comprehensive offering of warm and cool neutrals, Allium is set to become a Mokum classic!


This sophisticated matelassé upholstery plays with depth and dimension, to create a sense of luxurious comfort within the home. Matelassé (French: [matlase]) is a weaving or stitching technique yielding a pattern that appears quilted or padded. Woven on a stria warp to add further complexity within each colourway, Topiary has a gorgeous soft handle and an elegant subtle lustre. This contemporary textile also coordinates seamlessly with Allium, our new Italian plain, making for a powerful upholstery duo.


Glamourous yet understated, this Mokum classic has been refined and refreshed. The luxurious chenille upholstery is woven using the finest Italian yarn to create a subtle texture, soft handle and elegant tailored finish that suits both contemporary and classic interiors.  Hollywood now offers a curated palette of sophisticated neutrals; where nuanced light naturals sit against grey based mid tones and dramatic dark neutrals.  


Our new commercial wool upholstery has been woven in Italy’s fashion manufacturing centre; the Prato region south of Florence. Prato has been carefully constructed through blending natural and synthetic fibres and expertly finished, to recreate the luxurious look and handle of premium felted wool. Prato has a comprehensive offering of perfect neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades targeting both residential and commercial palettes. Prato is a phenomenal wool plain; pairing a soft residential aesthetic with commercial performance and has been competitively priced to meet the market.





Named after the acclaimed Italian lake, and closest city to its home, Mokum’s beautiful new Como wool is a distinctive flat basket weave. Like Prato, Como has been carefully constructed and finished to create a tailored commercial wool with a soft handle, and interlacing weave structure. Como has been coloured to deliver a comprehensive palette of perfect neutrals and fashion driven decorative shades incorporating both residential tones and key commercial shades. The extensive colour palette is comprised of chalky pink and rich bordeaux, juxtaposed with Yves Klein blue and neon green to name a few!



Silver Birch


Keeping furniture upholstery clean and looking great is a real issue for home owners and a technical issue for manufacturers and designers.  Specifying an everyday fabric that looks great, is soft to the touch, and will last across all applications is not easy. A fast evolving textile solution is FibreGuard stain resistant protection.