School For Nepal

The devastation caused by the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal continues to affect this beautiful country and the focus now is for rebuild and recovery.

We recently came across a great initiative being undertaken by one of our Sydney-based clients, Andrew Cook of Accent Curtains. After visiting Nepal and experiencing the love and kindness of the Nepalese people, Andrew and his wife Lisa returned in January 2017 to donate 250 backpacks to school children in the rural village of Achane Bensai (not far from the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake).

Seeing the ongoing effects of the earthquake, they knew that they wanted to do more to support this community - so they’ve decided to build a school!

Working with a local connection in Kathmandu, the plan is to build a nine-classroom school in August/ September 2017 with completion in January 2018. Using a Go Fund Me page and dedicated bank account, Andrew and his family plan to raise money to build the school with 100% of the donations going directly to the build and equipment costs.

James Dunlop Textiles are committed to supporting not only our global neighbours but also recognise the enormous dedication being undertaken by someone from our own industry. We want to help.

Using the power of fabric - we will donate $1 for every metre of fabric sold from our new Essentials collection in both Australia and New Zealand. This promotion will run from April to December 2017.

The Essentials collection consists of six designs which incorporate a little bit of everything; pattern and plain, weave and print - something for everyone.

We’d love you to join us on this journey, supporting someone from our local industry in their efforts to make a difference to our global community.


- Donate directly to the project through Andrew’s Go Fund Me page -www.gofundme.com/39w77ow

- Specify fabrics from the Essentials collection in your upcoming projects.


Over the next nine months we’ll keep you updated on the progress of this awesome project through our blog. Watch this space!



Building work has begun! As you can see from the photos below, the school location is extremely remote and all the building materials have had to carried in by hand for at least four hours from the road. It's grueling work but everyone is so happy to help.

The tin sheds you can see in the photos, with plywood walls and chicken wire, are the current class rooms. Because of flat land constrictions, the team have decided to build two-story buildings. With the new Government imposed building regulations the buildings are required to be very stable.

Andrew is heading to Nepal in October and will get more progress photos on this visit.


Habitat for Humanity

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At James Dunlop Textiles, we love to support charity organisations and get involved in local community and sustainability efforts. Our friends at Guthrie Bowron put us in touch with Habitat for Humanity New Zealand, where we were able to donate fabric towards a fabulous cause.