Day for Good

To activate our culture and values, the team at James Dunlop Textiles have set aside one day in the year to step outside of the office, showroom, or warehouse and give back to our wider community.

By forming cross-functional teams we foster our internal community whilst contributing to our external community.

The Day for Good initiative is a step towards meeting our Sustainable Future goals. We are aware of the impact the textile industry has on our environment, and we are prepared to do our part to make a difference and reduce our environmental impact.

On the first Day for Good we focussed on clearing the waterway close to our global distribution centre on Penihana Place, Auckland. The health of the waterway and surrounding bush is fundamental to our local environment; however, it is currently overflowing with rubbish and rodents. Our intention is to help our native birdlife and delicate ecosystem to regenerate through setting rat traps, which reduce the number of predators, and clearing the rubbish away.

In nurturing a green space outside our offices, we hope to provide better conditions for our team and other residents in the area. We are grateful to the Mangere Otahuhu Local Community Board for supporting this project and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Going forward, we will expand the Day for Good and provide team members with choices as to how they wish to give back. This could range from cleaning the seashore to planting community gardens and fruit trees. At James Dunlop Textiles we are passionate about strengthening the communities we live and work in, to create a future we can be proud of.


In the lab: FibreGuard

Products & Collections

FibreGuard promises to produce beautiful textiles from fibres to yarns to fabrics. Three core design elements ensure beauty is realised aesthetically through the visual effect and distinctive softness; technically through the performance standards and structural excellence; and inherently through permanent stain-on-stain resistance technology.

FibreGuard’s inherent stain-resistant technology is unique in the textiles market. Engineered by textile scientists to create world class fabrics, FibreGuard is subject to customised testing procedures created by Labotex, and an independent textiles laboratory.

In the creation of easy clean fabrics with stain-resistant properties, Labotex specialist technicians test the fabrics’ performance against a range of ISO standards. ISO standards are set out internationally by experts such as manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers, and trade associations to assess the best way to make products, manage processes, deliver services, or supply materials.