NZ Summer - We Talk To Our Own | Part 2

At the beginning of 2020 who knew we would be where we are now. With an ever growing importance to support our local communities through movements such as buy local and love local, this summer we will be holidaying in our own beloved New Zealand landscapes. Inspired by this we talk to some of our own on what they love in New Zealand and where they would go holidaying in Aoteroa.

Stacey Sutton | Content and Digital Marketing Specialist

Destination of Choice: Taupo Bay, Northland

Taupo Bay (approximately 5 hours north of Auckland) is a favourite spot for me and my family.  With its stunning beach and quaint settlement, it’s a less crowded spot where we enjoy holidaying.  This year we will be camping with our children and group of friends where the 2min walk to the beach makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the fabulous weather the North (normally!) provides.  

Favourite Design: Laconia Air

Taupo Bay | Northland

Taupo Bay | Northland

Chrissy Dropich | New Zealand Commercial Manager 

Destination Of Choice: Tokerau Beach, Doubtless Bay

My favourite summer holiday destination is Tokerau Beach, Doubtless Bay in the ‘winterless’ North. We have spent our family holidays there since I was a child and are spoilt with a largely untouched part of the coastline. Coupled with being only a hop skip and a jump away from Lake Ohia, having the best of both aquatic worlds! Lots of summer fun in the sun, fishing aplenty and some great banter with our wider family.

Favourite Fabric: Fav design so I can have some nature at home is Tropicalia Gilver

Tokerau Beach | Doubtless Bay

Tokerau Beach | Doubtless Bay

Annie Moir | Product Developer 

Destination Of Choice: Great Barrier Island

High on my list of favourite coastal destinations is Great Barrier Island, located a short boat or plane ride from Auckland.

The island is entirely off-grid, relying solely on renewable solar power and the collection of freshwater. It’s a wild slice of paradise; not a street light in sight, public transport is few and far between, mobile phone coverage is dodgy at best - the perfect place to wind down at the end of another busy year! I’ve always loved my summer holidays on Great Barrier Island with friends, and being based in Sydney with borders still closed, I will really miss not jumping the ditch this year.

For me, the initial plane trip over is always a highlight, it’s not for the faint hearted! The small 6 person plane soars low over island atolls, looking out the window into crystal clear water. After a hair raising decent onto a remote landing strip, you’re suddenly surrounded by rugged coast line, secluded bays, thick native bush and an ocean playground boasting some of the world’s most exciting fishing. I’ll be enjoying my first Christmas in Sydney this year, but dreaming of the incredible night skies over Great Barrier Island, completely void of light pollution it’s something that needs to be witnessed to be believed!

Favourite Design: Staunch by James Dunlop FibreGuard

Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island

Meredith Weedon | Digital Asset and Website Administrator 

Destination Of Choice: Tongariro National Park

The Tongariro crossing has a lot of beautiful visual dramatic contrasts, the harsh brown volcanic rocky forms against the golden tussocks grasses to the ochre, red and sometimes even blue dusty surfaces. In parts of the crossing you feel like you have landed on an entirely different planet in the solar system, it’s both magical and unreal. The highlight for me was most definitely the stunningly vibrant green emerald crater lakes, a reward for making it that far. We choose to set up and eat our lunch beside them – taking in as much of this unique view as we could.

I first completed the Tongariro crossing in high school, and sadly at the time it felt like a punishment. I don’t remember all that much about it apart from running the last 500m – and the feeling of accomplishment mixed with exhaustion when we realised it was finally over.

Going back and completing it in my 20’s I had a much greater appreciation for not just the stunning views but the deeply cultural, spiritual; and historical significance. We are truly lucky to benefit from this preserved sacred region we now to freely get to enjoy.

While I admit I won’t be doing this walk during these upcoming summer holidays I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t yet had the privilege to go do it, it is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Favourite Design: Right now, it's Mokum Yugen but that will change next week with so many beautiful products to choose from!


Roger Bridge | Marketing Manager

Destination Of Choice: Rangitoto Island

Sometimes when you look to get away you need to look no farther than your own backyard. Hidden amongst the places of your daily rituals are some gems that are so striking, so interesting they are glossed over simply as part of the landscape.

One of my favourites is our largest and youngest volcano, Rangitoto*. Named after an incident during a famous battle on the island between the Tainui people and their Te Arawa rivals Rangitoto means Sky Blood. Dominating the Auckland skyline, from its upper reaches Rangitoto has an amazing panoramic view of the city and sailors playground, the Hauraki Gulf.

While the views are spectacular, this is not what makes it special for me. The 90-minute walk from the stony shores up through young forest, lava fields, scrubby bush to the volcanic cone is a walk through geological and biological history of our physical land. The unique nature of the volcanic environment with little soil or water sources, result in a stark journey through the evolution of a land after eruption.  The lower reaches have the most vegetation and some soil development with a large Pohutukawas and other natives making it a lovely forest walk. As you climb, the vegetation thins, the soil disappears and the environment transitions into lava fields and scrubby growth – a hot unyielding place to live for anything. Finally as you climb further, there is another spurt of vegetation growth under the volcanic cone and suddenly you emerge at the summit, with an uninterrupted view from the Bombay’s to Dome Valley, The Waitakere’s to Coromandel – Enjoy.

*Auckland is built on over 50 volcanoes making up the majority of our distinctive landmarks

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2020 Trend Confirmations – Part 1

Trends & Inspiration

As part of the design process our designers reinterpret international macro trends through a local lens to create inspirational and accessible textiles for our local and global customers. Four dominant themes have been emerging: Calm Sanctuary, Maximalism, Back to Nature and Culturally Crafted.