Grove Studio design collaboration with James Dunlop

Realising a need in the market for high performance fabrics that were unique in colour, texture, and scale led to the development of Grove Studio’s own fabric collection alongside James Dunlop Textiles. 

Jim Looney is a notable American designer who founded his architectural and Interior Design Studio Looney & Associates in 1995. Over the past 24 years, Jim and his team have designed a catalogue of standout hospitality projects across the US and internationally.  Working alongside major hotel players such as the Marriot, Hyatt and Hilton hotels, Jim has gained a strong insight into the design requirements for the hospitality industry, in particular for luxury hotels.

As part of his greater vision for the growth of creativity within the industry, Jim created Grove Studio, a group of talented designers bringing unique perspectives and skills to create a premier range of design collections for hospitality, commercial and residential manufacturers. Grove Studio’s main ethos is to help other designers to provide elegant solutions in their design projects.  

The vision is for Grove Studio to be seen as the ‘atelier’ in the design industry for textiles, wall coverings and upholstery.

The collaboration between Grove Studio and James Dunlop resulted in the development of the textile collection Dunleith, an elegant and timeless range of fabrics that is consistent with the design aesthetic of Grove Studios. “We wanted to design fabrics we hadn’t seen in the market and that people would want” says Jim Looney

Tailored comfort, effortless precision, sophisticated charm are what underpins the Dunleith collection. 

In working with their own clients, the Grove Studio designers would find fabrics that were beautiful in design and texture but the scale of the pattern wouldn’t be appropriate for the spaces they were designing.  “We looked through the lens of a designer and asked ourselves' would they use it?” Says Julianne Cary, Senior Designer with Grove Studio.  

With 20 years design experience in hospitality design, Julianne has helped lead the design process for Dunleith and has a great sense of colour vision and direction for the US market so the collection includes fabrics that are all complimentary with and have a lot of cross relevancy with various applications.  

The six textiles released pay attention to surface and scale and have an intrinsic respect for detail and character. Inspiration for Dunleith has been drawn from the natural environment, classic and architectural elements found in everyday living take on a contemporary feel. Colourways are inspired by significant places and people along life’s journey.


Sound - The noisy truth

Tips & How To

Textiles play a major role in the absorption of sound within everyday spaces such as your home, the office, hotels and conference centres.  With the movement toward minimalist spaces and the noises generated within them, the management of sound has become of utmost importance particularly in the design of public spaces.