FibreGuard Couch Competition Winners!

In late 2019, we ran a fabulous competition to win a custom made Molmic couch covered in our brilliant stain resistant fabric, FibreGuard.

With entries received all over New Zealand and Australia, only three couches were up for grabs. Each entrant was asked to give us their reason for why they needed a new stain resistant couch.

There was an overwhelming response of humorous stories and heart felt reasons for why a new couch would bring joy to people and their families. It was great to see so many people deeply involved in why the right couch was so important to them and their families.

Our New Zealand winner was Diane from Auckland’s Mt Roskill, who won based on her entry that really proved to us that a new couch, upholstered in FibreGuard would be perfect for her and her family.

As a family with three young children, Diane is busier than most, with two of her young children having a disability and asthma.  A new couch was exactly what they needed and the team at James Dunlop were thrilled to be able to present them with this prize.

Diane was able to select her fabric, choosing a textural grey that comes with a 5 year residential stain resistant warranty. She also selected a 3-seater Cypress couch from the Molmic range which is perfect for both the size of her family and the rough and tumble of young kids.

The team dropped off the 3-seater couch earlier this month with Diane proudly stating “she was so happy to win, it’s just what they needed and the kids will love it, especially during winter and time spent watching TV”.

Emily Palazollo from Greenvale, Victoria was one of the Australian winners.   Emily came across the competition on her Instagram feed as she’s a big follower of interior design accounts due to building her own home. 

An owner of two big Samoyed dogs that like to jump up on the couch and drag mud through the whole house, Emily was thrilled to take out one of the FibreGuard covered, Molmic couch prizes. “The ability to wipe off any dirt or stain easily with just a cloth and water sounds great for our busy lifestyle” she said.

Being ethically made and Oeko-Tex certified means no harmful substances are released from the fabric, ensuring the health of her family and her dogs.

Emily’s prize couch, a 3 seater by Molmic, was delivered at the perfect time, just a day after moving into her newly built home!  How’s that for timing!

Congratulations to all our winners – Enjoy!

About FibreGuard

FibreGuard has an amazing stain resistance, an attribute that is inherent within the fabric, quite different to topical stain treatment applications on the market.

Many household stains like sauce, blood, dirt, pen, lipstick can be simply cleaned up with a clean cloth and water keeping your upholstery looking fresh year after year.   

FibreGuard fabrics come in a range of gorgeous on-trend colours and can be viewed online here or in our showrooms across New Zealand and Australia.

The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, and as a child there is nothing more exciting than to have all of your favourite things set out in you room whether that be numerous soft toys lined up on the bed, brightly patterned bedding and cushions, stacks of your favourite books, knick-knacks and trinkets galore, and pictures of unicorns, dragons and rugby heroes posted across the wall.

What our children love from a décor point of view and what the parent might like are sometimes quite different!  To manage some of this less desirable décor, ensure you start with a design plan in mind, talking if over with your child/ren to ensure the room will look cohesive and considered – and ultimately enjoyed and loved by them.

Here are our top 5 tips for styling kids spaces: