Behind the Style | Meet the Mokum Design Team


Stephanie Moffitt, Design Director of Mokum Textiles, a brand within the James Dunlop Textile Group, began her career in 1993 when she was just 22 years old, fresh out of Wellington Design School. Since then, Stephanie has risen through the company and moved to Sydney, Australia to lead Mokum’s design studio.

Annie Moir began her career in 2012 after graduating from Victoria University in Wellington. A fifth-generation James Dunlop family member, Annie now works alongside Stephanie as Mokum’s Product Developer from the Sydney-based design studio. Together they create accessible luxury textiles and wallpapers developed with the finest international mills from around the globe.


It is extremely difficult to refine our list of beloved Mokum textiles down to a mere top 10. Being that the average development timespan for an original Mokum design is roughly 12 months, we get to know each textile intimately. It’s like being asked to determine which of your children your favourite is! From initial yarn development through to custom colouring and styling our final photoshoot, the process is a labour of love. We’ve already got our hearts set on a few upcoming fabrics that are currently still in development – we have some incredible heavy textures and boucle’s in the pipeline that are truly mouth-watering, stay tuned! However, below are our picks that month on month would comfortably sit in our list of favourite Mokum fabrics.


I love the chunky dimension of this basket weave yet it’s still very tailored when upholstered, highlighting the clean lines of contemporary furniture. The heavy structure of the weave is where textiles are heading over the next 12- 24 months, we are seeing both weave and pile really amplifying in scale.  Strata is also a wonderful example of tactile and modern Italian upholstery, mixing natural and synthetic fibres to create a performance driven textile which also has a soft comfortable touch, both aspects of performance and handle are so important for upholstered furniture. 

Saba is an all-time favourite of mine, I love the illusion of it looking like an embroidery when in fact it is woven on a Dobby loom. Saba has been in our range for over 15 years and is milled by an artisan Belgium weaving mill, it’s a Mokum Classic and is currently within 2 rooms in my house!



Mokum Handloom, when manufactured in a modern wave drapery heading, Handloom can really build on the layering of textures within a space. Handloom is an incredible textile, hand woven in India and is a nod to my early days with Mokum, when the majority of our range was hand loomed fabrics from southern India. To me, this fabric is the perfect balance of nostalgia and modernism.

I love Mokum Alpaca Velvet. I love that this textile brings a hint of feminine design to a space via colour and tactility from the dimensional pile. Being both wool and a velvet means it is extremely durable but very luxurious, delivering both practicality and glamour which is something we are constantly striving for within the Mokum brand.

Last, but certainly not least I love Leopardo which we developed in collaboration with Catherine Martin. I was never a fan of animal skins when I was younger but it’s definitely now a look I fully embrace. I love the heaviness of our Leopardo construction and the mix of the satin ground contrasted with the plush chenille pile.


ANNIE LOVES Mokum Lino, our wide width 100% linen sheer which is distilled in essence and has a divinely soft tumbled finish. Its semi transparency brings a sense of fluidity and subtle movement within a space, providing privacy while still allowing dappled light to enter a room. Lino effortlessly blends multi coloured weft yarns to create a comprehensive palette, I particularly love the chalky feminine mid tones.

I’ve always loved Mokum's Tunisia. I love the combination of soft linen with the rawness of jute. Jute is not a material often used in luxury textiles, so it gives this wide width linen sheer a beautiful organic aesthetic. Tunisia has a hand crafted sensibility but has been mechanically embroidered in Italy and available in two gorgeous soft neutrals.



Wabi Sabi pays homage to artisanal textile craftsmanship. The Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, recognises and celebrates beauty in imperfection – it’s a philosophy which resonates with me. I love the use of heavy linen yarn and irregular binding to create an intricate accessory textile with a hand-crafted aesthetic. This textile certainly isn’t practical, but it is drool-worthy and will be adored by textile enthusiasts and linen lovers – of which I am both!

Nirvana. This woven upholstery plain is one of my absolute favourite Mokum textures. Nirvana nods to mid-century design with sophisticated colour combinations that feel both nostalgic and contemporary. Because all the multi-coloured yarns are in the weft, there’s just the right balance of neutral in every colourway with a natural linen coloured warp yarn.



Canvas. As far as pattern goes, I love the idea that in a minimalist setting, a piece of contemporary furniture upholstered in this bold statement print can be your artwork. Canvas was hand painted by a German watercolour artist who we adore working with, she’s regarded as one of the most talented textile artists in Europe. I love that the enlarged scale calls for lots of negative space, and simple colouring that really highlights the nuance of shade in the layers of watercolour.


Stephanie & Annie in the studio




"It is extremely difficult to refine our list of beloved Mokum textiles down to a mere top 10!"







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