We are interested in what fabric can bring to life. This journal is a celebration of the lifestyle, culture and design that influences what we do.

Now is the time to cautiously lift the lid on your BBQ and brace yourself for a pre Spring clean … clearing the way for your ultimate outdoor setting to take shape.

Thankfully, outdoor furniture and textiles have become indistinguishable from indoor equivalents as new technologies allow different yarns, constructions and techniques to be beautifully resolved in a manner that will withstand the rigours of our unique environmental conditions.

You can now design the great outdoors as an extension of your interior living spaces and give them personality by evoking a luxurious and comforting ambiance that encourages us to eat, socialise and relax outside.

No matter how big or small your outdoor area, we’ve come up with some design considerations to help you plan and style this area for all year round enjoyment.

Around the world, the requirements for the healthcare and hospitality sectors, when it comes to textiles are purposefully strict and it’s for a reason, to protect those within these spaces.

High volumes of people / foot traffic, personal and organisational hygiene, food preparation and fire safety are just some of the considerations when selecting fabrics for these industries.

Let us introduce you to the fantastic attributes offered through our high performance healthcare and hospitality grade fabrics:

  • Easy cleanability - inherent stain resistance protection ensures spills and stains are easily wiped away
  • Anti-microbial - finishing techniques ensure mildew and bacteria can’t attach to the yarn or foam
  • Odour Control - easy stain removal and moisture control means odours are kept at bay
  • Moisture Barrier - liquid and stains can’t seep through, they wick, making them easy to wipe off, flexible and breathable fabrics
  • Heavy use durability - tested and approved for commercial application in the heaviest traffic areas of a development
  • Passes all commercial tests and certifications - stringent heavy duty testing for abrasion, strength, flammability, stain resistance moisture barrier, resistance to microbial growth, cleanability, colourfastness and more

To help you with your Commercial project we have available the following high performance fabric brands for Healthcare and Hospitality Specification: 

You may recall the piece we wrote about a local manufacturer, Uren Barsal and their super quick innovative spirit during lockdown in April. An Auckland-based soft furnishing manufacturer, Uren Barsal, quickly needed to adapt in the changing climate to ensure the business, and more importantly the staff had work.

The introduction of the popular Kind Face masks to their soft furnishings product range has been a success with steady sales.  Now with the global COVID-19 resurgence, especially across the Tasman, international orders are ensuring the mask category for Kind Face is productive.

Dark wet nights and cold frosty days, winter is well and truly here as we escape from work to home, to pull the curtains, light the fire then jump into our winter weight bedding.

Winter often result in deeper hues and thick bulky compositions.  It needn’t be all doom and gloom through these months though as we can brighten up our interiors with fabrics and accessories to give us a good dose of colour therapy.

Colour can be a powerful thing, it is steeped in psychology with colour specialists providing many theories on the benefits of each shade.  By tapping into the power of colour, especially over the winter months we can brighten our spaces and elevate our moods to feel just that touch more cheerful.

To help, we have picked out some colourful and energising fabrics to share, ideas for brightening up your interior spaces whether that be through your cushions, curtains, or bedding:

In late 2019, we ran a fabulous competition to win a custom made Molmic couch covered in our brilliant stain resistant fabric, FibreGuard.

With entries received all over New Zealand and Australia, only three couches were up for grabs. Each entrant was asked to give us their reason for why they needed a new stain resistant couch.

There was an overwhelming response of humorous stories and heart felt reasons for why a new couch would bring joy to people and their families. It was great to see so many people deeply involved in why the right couch was so important to them and their families.

The world is your oyster when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, and as a child there is nothing more exciting than to have all of your favourite things set out in you room whether that be numerous soft toys lined up on the bed, brightly patterned bedding and cushions, stacks of your favourite books, knick-knacks and trinkets galore, and pictures of unicorns, dragons and rugby heroes posted across the wall.

What our children love from a décor point of view and what the parent might like are sometimes quite different!  To manage some of this less desirable décor, ensure you start with a design plan in mind, talking if over with your child/ren to ensure the room will look cohesive and considered – and ultimately enjoyed and loved by them.

Here are our top 5 tips for styling kids spaces:

“Which way does the stripe run?” One of the most frequently asked questions we receive both in our showrooms, and over the phone. It is a question that can be easily confused, especially when interpreting fabric specifications from a small sample and how that translates to a roll of fabric.

Today we talk to Ben Lewis, co-founder of Trenzseater. Distinguishable by an international style which is modern, sophisticated and elegant, Trenzseater is dedicated to offering the very finest for the home through exclusive furnishings and interior design service. Inspired by his grandfather's furniture business growing up, Ben’s drive and passion for manufacturing some of the finest furniture in New Zealand gave him, from an early age a grounding and foundation in an industry which he fell in love with.