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William’s Home by Stylemaker


James Dunlop




James Dunlop

With panoramic views of farmland and distant verdant hills, this family home in the sunny Hawkes Bay was built in 1973 by renowned New Zealand architect, John Scott.   

As the childhood home of the client the house carries special meaning to this busy family, so when it came the time to add some new touches, Nikki McNamara of Stylemaker was called upon to turn their vision into reality.

Aside from a recent new kitchen, most of the building is original with many spaces that the homeowners wanted to refresh to create more cohesion and consistency.

Nikki’s goal was to be respectful of the home’s precious original story, celebrate its architectural merits, and highlight its country setting.

“Curating this formula across the home helped achieve a relaxed, cohesive style,”

Nikki McNamara of Stylemaker




Kirkby Design

New furniture was selected including new fabrics to reupholster many of the existing pieces. Pattern, scale and colour feature heavily with hounds tooth, wool plaid, ivy green velvet-looking chenille and raw linen hitting the right ‘rural’ notes.

“Curating this formula across the home helped achieve a relaxed, cohesive style,” says Nikki.

Careful consideration in the selection of the fabrics resulted in Nikki selecting James Dunlop and Mokum fabrics for the living room interiors.  Sofas have been recovered in Mokum Eternal, a timeless and contemporary linen, complemented by cushions in Kirkby Beam a graphic wool fabric with its large scale check and a large ottoman in James Dunlop Heritage – the quintessential hounds tooth suitably reflecting the rural setting.

Striking green velvet-look occasional chairs in James Dunlop Carter help pull the scheme together and with its high Martindale rating, will ensure the fabric can withstand this busy family’s rural life.


Products used:

Heritage by James Dunlop colour Formal

Eternal by Mokum colour Driftwood

Beam FR K5229 by Kirkby Design colour Monochrome

Carter by James Dunlop colour Ivy



Designer: Stylemaker @stylemaker_
Photographer: Florence Charvin