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Imaginarium - Sibella Court at the NGV


Sibella Court is a leading Australian author, interior stylist, product designer, author and content creator. Over her 25 years in the industry, her distinctive style has seen her work across various hospitality and commercial projects from vision and concept through to direction and creation.   

“A redefined room in the home with origins steeped in history and inspired by the ‘cabinet of curiosity’ – a sixteenth-century ‘wonder room’ that invites show and tell, speculation, storytelling and long discussion.”


Our Sydney Mokum showroom are fortunate to have Sibella as one of their long time clients and were delighted to see our Mokum fabric in her energising exhibit for the prestigious Rigg Design Prize located in the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Australia.

The Rigg Design Prize is a triennial event run by the NGV that aims to celebrate all elements of design. The NGV asked Sibella Court and nine other leading interior designers to participate.  The brief was to explore the theme of Domestic Living transforming a 40m2 space into a 5 month exhibition requiring each designer to produce a bespoke, purpose-built example of interior design. 

To start the design process of such a broad theme, Sibella delved into the memory of her favourite work including photo shoots, design projects, her own homes and those of clients. Cues from 16th Century Europe were central to her display. A largely self-funded project, Sibella called her installation, ‘Imaginarium’, a ‘wonder room’ of curiosities that invites show and tell, speculation, storytelling and long discussion.

To achieve her vision she created a family home broken up into eight zones (rooms) offering a glimpse into a family’s lifestyle and activities. A completely custom design, Sibella used props from her own spectacular object library or sourced from vintage and antique stores as well as pieces from her store The Society inc

As with all of her design jobs, Sibella aims to tell a story and works within a specific colour palette curated for that project alone. For Imaginarium she worked within the range of dark stormy blues and pewter. Inky tones move through to plums, aubergines, deep pinks, dirty ochre and rusty oranges.  With Mokum being Sibella’s go-to fabric house, “I knew I would be able to find these colours and textiles amongst their range” says Sibella.

The texture and weave were also important. The feeling of this imagined space had a wintery, bunker-down atmosphere that called for chunky textiles, velvets, and heavy linens to pile high on the bed cum sofa. The resulting visual experience delivers a moody and fantastical display that evokes the all the senses.

“Its foundation materials are from the natural world, layered with texture and colours both ancient and modern. Every object, a mix of found, new and fantastical, is a catalyst to memory and imagination. This space celebrates the craftsmen that created everything within it” says Sibella.

“From the start I imagined how visitors would view the space and how I would inspire them to take ideas home for their own home.  My vision was also to create a complete space that my family and friends would love to be in and consider how they would use it.”