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Greenlane Master Bedroom & Living Room



Not one part of this family home in Auckland’s Greenlane remained in its original state, after a serious makeover by designer Jackie Jones.

The brief was a total update to a 1930’s/40’s state house - new everything, even down to the plates and coffee mugs!

Kitchen and bathrooms were updated, including changes to spaces and layout.  All areas painted, re-carpeted, with new window treatments and furniture.

Natural fibres and pale timbers are complemented with pattern and texture which was key to the design scheme while still maintaining the client’s wish for an overall monochromatic look.

" everything, even down to the plates and coffee mugs!"



In the living space the client required furniture that the dogs and cat could jump up on and they wouldn’t feel too precious about it.   Jackie specified Mokum Sahel, a soft and luminous Italian chenille upholstery, woven in a blend of natural and synthetic fibres for high performance, with the added benefit of a stain repellent finish. 

In the bedrooms Mokum Emperor in Gunmetal and Smoke were selected for the roman blinds.  A reversible drapery in a mixed composition this fabric also has an aerofinish.  The colour selection was ideal for the bedroom’s monochromatic design scheme.

The sumptuous and inviting master bed is tastefully finished with a practical bench seat in Mokum Tigre Ebony, a contemporary twist to traditional tiger skin providing contrast and texture.

Products used:
Mokum Sahel
Mokum Emperor - Gunmetal and Smoke
Mokum Tigre - Ebony